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    How to Customize Your Boxing Gloves

    Infinitude offers you the opportunity to customize your boxing gloves like never before. Our INFINI TECH 3D Custom Boxing Gloves Builder provides you with a variety of brand new customizing options that enhance the style for your boxing gloves.

    Select the Boxing Glove of Your Choice

    Start by selecting the boxing glove to customize. You can choose between the lace up Raptor Xtreme PRO and Stealth X2 PRO or the Velcro Harrier PRO Glove. Click the “Design Now” button to open the 3D model of the glove in the customization window.

    Color Customize Your Boxing Gloves

    You will be able to customize the boxing glove by adding your desired color to elements of the boxing glove. The colors are available in plain, matte, metallic and fluorescent and can be selected from the customization panel located on the right-side (desktop) or below (mobile view). The elements of the boxing glove that can be color customized are:

    • Palm back
    • Wrist back
    • Thumb up
    • Thumb down
    • Thumb in
    • Thumb strip
    • Palm in
    • Palmout
    • Piping
    • Stitches
    • Laces

    Add Logo & Picture of Your Choice

     You can then move onto adding a logo or an image to your boxing glove. You can access the “Infinitude Library” from the customization panel to select a logo from the Infinitude gallery or click on “Upload” to select an image from your device.

    Choose Your Country’s Flag

    The INFINI TECH 3D Custom Boxing Gloves Builder allows you to add flags onto palm back, palm inside and wrist back of the boxing glove. Simply choose your country’s banner from the “Flag” section in “Infinitude Library”.

    Add Signature & Name to Your Boxing Gloves

    Finally, add your own signature or name onto the boxing glove for the ultimate personalization aspect. Turn on the signature from the customization panel and type your signature/name into the display bar. Select from a range of fonts and choose your desired color from a wide variety. You can then “Move”, “Rotate” and “Scale” the signature with the options in the panel. Click “Add/Remove” to select size and quantity of boxing gloves and once the customization is done, click “Add to Cart”.

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