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How to make the most out of Hand Wraps with Wholesale Boxing Equipment?

Hand wraps are one of the most important accessories for the safety of a boxer. The wholesale boxing equipment becomes much more protective when wearing hand wraps. 

However, not everyone knows how to wear it properly to make the most of this useful accessory. Despite their significance in the sport, amateur players often pay the lowest emphasis on hand coverings. 

Your ability to punch is influenced by both your defensive play and also how your hands are covered. If you don’t have a strong hand wrap, you can be fearful of getting hurt and reluctant to strike hard. Read this blog to understand how to wear them accurately for maximum benefit. 

Wear The Hand Wraps With Wholesale Boxing Equipment Correctly

Experts explain several techniques for wrapping your hands accurately before sporting your wholesale boxing equipment. Let’sLet’s give you a brief insight into an efficient hand-wrapping technique.

Initiate With Your Palms

Start by raising your hand in an open, finger stance. Your fingers should be flat and minimally spaced out while you keep your hand straight with your forearm. Your thumb and fingers should be separated. 

The wrap should now fall across the back of your hand as you cross the coiled end over your thumb. Make sure you start wrapping your hand around your hand’s back, not its surface. The wrap won’t move later if you start with the back of your hand. 

Allow the wrap to slip off your hand’s exterior (pointer finger end). Under your wrist, beneath the ball of your thumb, grasp the loose thread. 

Then, twist it over the top of your forearm while keeping it secure enough to stabilize your wrist without impeding blood flow. Repeat until you’ve already made two or three sweeps over and under your wrists.

Make three wraps around your wrist for more strength. If your wrap is too small or if you prefer to keep your wrists a little free for particular striking techniques (such as quick jabs and slanted punches), only wrap it twice.

Allow the free end to hang from the outside of your wrist once more after finishing your wrist. Slide the free end under your hand to the gap around your thumb and index finger. 

Once more, ensure to pull it firmly enough to provide stability without obstructing blood circulation as you draw it over the top of your hand. Three passes under and over your hand should be made in total. Now, pay more attention to wrapping your hand firmly than to your knuckles.

This is the base of making your wholesale boxing equipment more protective and efficient so that you can have a perfect training session every time. 

Move Over To The Fingers

Once more, the untied end of the wrap should dangle from the palm of your hand. Bring it under your hand to the spot where your wrist and thumb intersect in the form of a ball. 

Pull it down between your pinky and ring fingers and over the top of your hand. Next, tuck the wrap inside your hand. Lift it over your index finger, knuckle, across the back of your hand, and down to the wrist.

Now that you have made an X on the top of your hand, the loose end will once again extend from the outside of your hand.

As earlier, bring the loose end up beneath your thumb by drawing it under your hand. Pull it down between your ring and middle fingers now and then across the top of your hand. 

To the inside of your hand, draw the wrap. Pull the loose end over your index knuckle, cross it over the back of your hand once again, and tie it off at the bottom of your hand just like before.

The same procedure will be repeated here with minimal distinction. Slide the wrap down between your middle and index fingers this time. Each knuckle will be carefully separated from the others and protected, lowering the potential of wounds. 

Draw the wrap from the inside of your hand, across your back, and down around the 

bottom, where it meets your wrist, to complete the wrapping process. 

Finish Up The Wrapping

Draw the remaining portion of the wrap down to your wrist after you have finished wrapping your knuckles. If you still have extra material, you can make more Xs over the back of your hand, wrap it around your knuckles like before, or do both. 

After finishing, fasten your wrist wrap with velcro. Make a fist with your hand to ensure that the wrap is tightened.

Make sure your knuckles don’t have any extra wrapping so that your glove won’t fit. Use a shorter wrap if your glove doesn’t work with all that extra stuffing.

To make the most out of your hand wraps, you will need to purchase premium quality wholesale boxing equipment for maximum benefit and performance. Infinitude Fight has got you covered with high-quality boxing gloves so that you can have a successful training or sparring session every time.