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Finding the Best Groin Guard for BJJ

groin guard

A groin guard is one of the most important training equipment a martial artist needs. It protects the groin area from sustaining serious life-altering injuries. The better the quality of the groin guard, the better. You would want to have the best groin guard for your next BJJ match.

Other names for this fighting gear are groin protector and groin cups. It is important to mention that boxing professionals also use similar gear, but there are some differences in the design. Those for boxing have a fully padded abdominal belt. This also offers protection to the lower abdomen, groin, liver, and kidneys. People taking part in BJJ and other matches like MMA, Sparring, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai also need to wear the groin guard for BJJ.

Factors to Consider When Buying Groin Guard

You have to consider several things when shopping for the best groin guard for BJJ. Here are some key things worth looking out for the following:

Comfort and Fit

The first thing you cannot compromise on is comfort. During the match, you need to focus on your opponent and on how to win the match, instead of worrying about groin injuries. You may find some cheaper groin cups in the market online, but they seldom offer a high level of comfort. Buying one of such gear is a waste because you would not use it in training. Therefore, it is better to focus on gear that is comfortable, even if it costs a bit more.

The best way to gauge whether a manufacturer offers a high level of comfort is from the reviews by people who have used this gear.

How comfortable the groin protector feels depends on the design. Everyone has a different body and build; therefore, it is unlikely that the cup size would fit everyone. Everyone has his or her preferences when it comes to comfort while wearing this gear. This is why; we at Infinitude Fight offer you the option to get your own custom-designed best groin guard for BJJ matches.


The size of the cup that you choose depends on the size of your waist. When you shop from a specific brand, there will be guidelines on how to measure your waist. You would want to make sure that the size you get is not too large. If not, the cup will move around as you train and cause discomfort and distraction. This will affect your performance in the training. Some ready to shop groin guards have an adjustable strap so that the cup can fit with different waist sizes.


The best groin guard for BJJ would consist of hard material, which would do the job of protecting you very well. We use the best quality of foam, high-quality threads, durable vinyl-coated material, and leather to make the groin guard hard enough to withstand high impact during combat.

Price of the Best Groin Guard for BJJ

Pricing is a sensitive issue, but one argument wins. Will you compromise your chances of a normal life without life-altering injuries over the price of the groin guard for BJJ or any other sport? The right answer is “no.” You must not think about the money or saving it and make this great investment. Groin guards do not break so they last several years. $70 for saving your future is worth it!


When you search for the best groin guard for BJJ or any other matches, you need to understand that brand reputation is something you must not ignore. We at Infinity Fight do not boast about our achievements, but our customer reviews will tell you about us. When you check any other brand out there, make sure they have a good brand reputation.

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