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Essential Boxing Equipment To Carry in 2021

Boxing Equipment

Boxing is one of the oldest known sports in the world, with many die-hard fans. Many people pursue it for fun, but many consider making it a profession. Whatever the case might be, if you are thinking to give this sports a try, you better deck yourself with the following boxing equipment:

Boxing Gloves

Well, it comes without saying that you need to have the boxing gloves with you, but the reason we mentioned them here is to tell you about some important features that you must consider when making a purchase. 

  • They must have grip bars

The boxing gloves must have proper and durable grip bars on the inside. The grip bars must be made up of dense foam, helping you make a natural fist.

Note: The grip bars must not allow the leather to pile up and give you an uncomfortable feeling during the match.  

  • They must have a sufficient number of punched holes

The gloves must have some punched holes in the palm and finger areas for letting the air flowing through them and helping them dry soon. 

  • They must have attached thumbs

The thumbs of the boxing gloves must be attached to the fingers so that you can save yourself from any thumb injury during the match or training.

  • They must have tucked thumbs:

Have you ever observed that the knuckle padding of the boxing gloves tends to overhang a bit and stick out on the thumb areas making them look tucked in?

It is usually done to secure the thumb from accidentally getting damaged.


One of the essential boxing equipment that you must have is a boxing hand wrap. This product provides you with noble comfort during your training and boxing matches. It not only supports your wrists but also protects your joints, hands, and knuckles. More so, it also helps you absorb the shocks via punches. 

Following are some vital factors to be considered when you need to make the final purchase:

  1. Your boxing hand wrap must be a perfect combination of support and comfort.
  2. It must be elastic and durable so that it can cope up with the daily training. 
  3. The material of the product must be matching washable. 
  4. It must comprise of sufficient length of about 180 inches. Reason being that it should completely wrap around the following areas of your hand, such as: 
  • knuckles
  • Wrists
  • Joints

Also, this length is sufficient enough to provide you with support underneath your boxing gloves without making you feel any discomfort.

  1. The hand wrap must be accompanied by a strong thumb loop and hook-and-loop closure for providing you with sufficient grip.

These mentioned characteristics are the perfect ingredients for making built to fight hand wraps.

In case you have some special requirements, you should always go for custom made hand wraps and grab the design and features you desire. 

Boxing HeadGears: 

Another boxing equipment that is very important is boxing headgear, as it provides you with major support and protection during the match. However, the best boxing headgears usually encompass the following qualities:

  • They must be highly adjustable: 

They must properly cover the required area and must be a perfect fit for your head. For the purpose, they must have a good quality velcro inside.

  • They must have a proper cheek protector design:

They should efficiently cover your cheekbones with the help of inward cheekbone protectors. 

  • They must provide orbital protection: 

The boxing headgear must cover your orbital area to protect your eyes from getting damaged. 

  • They must have a sweat lick lining: 

The sweat lick lining on the inside helps to soak up all the sweat, not letting it roll down on your face.

Mouth Guard: 

This piece of boxing equipment plays a major role in protecting your mouth tissues and teeth from getting damaged during the match or training. So, try not to forget it. 

Custom Made Boxing Equipment

Well, in case you don’t find the mentioned equipment with the essential characteristics, feel free to contact Infinitude fight, as we can provide you a wide variety of:

  • Custom boxing gloves
  • custom head guards
  • custom made hand wraps


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