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Choose the Right Size for your Boxing Gloves

boxing gloves

Who doesn’t want to be Mohammad Ali, Shane Mosely or Jack Dempsey, punching fearlessly like a lion let loose in the ring, landing each blow on your opponent like a pro, with the fighter’s might, every single time you are in that ring to prove your capability!

Sounds dreamy? Far-fetched?

Boxing, unlike other forms of workout, is a very demanding combat sport. It would surely test your physical capabilities, your endurance and your technique. But part of your success in an actual fight also depends on the choice of right boxing equipment.

What Would The Right Boxing Equipment Be?

Quite honestly, there are few pre-requisites your boxing equipment should fulfill to be the right fit for your boxing experience.

  • The size sits comfortably on your body
  • Each item protects you and your partner against serious injuries
  • Speaks of your personality as a boxer. Well, not quite so much. But why not add that extra swag to your boxer self with boxing equipment customized to your taste?

Should I Bother About The Size Of My Boxing Gloves?

Ever noticed the chaps back at the boxing club using different types of gloves? Some with fairly significant amount of padding during sparring or bag work, the others in heavy or speed bag training with lightly padded gloves – almost mimicking an actual fight, landing heavy blows on the opponent. That’s exactly the purpose this padding serves, protects your hands against injuries if you are only training for a workout or to make your opponent feel that blow and hence either fight back of be defeated. Exactly this, is what those ounces in boxing glove sizes represent – the amount of padding.

Boxing Gloves Sizes By Ounces, Really?

If you have decided to be the next boxing champion that the world would remember for centuries, go ahead, get all those extra strings, order some customized boxing gloves representative of your personality and class and head to train well. But I wouldn’t expect a ferocious boxer like you, with all that ambition oozing out with each punch your club mates see, to ignore the purpose behind each round of boxing you do.

Know that the choice might not entirely depend on your own preference but rather some ground rules laid by associations that regulate even the weight /ounces of your boxing gloves, just to keep things fair and less gory than you might like to imagine.

Here’s what would help you see through a few general rules of thumb to decide on the fit & ounce size (or weight) of the boxing gloves you’ve just got custom made for yourself. Consider these guidelines only, always your trainer is the best advisor on the subject.

First things first, determine these key factors

  • Purpose/ boxing objective
  • Boxer body weight
  • Circumference of your dominant hand

The circumference, measured all around the hand, just below the knuckle is the key to obtain the right fit of your gloves. For adult boxing training or competition, this might not even matter as sizes are more of less standard unless you have a particularly different hand size.

For weight or the ounce size, you would find gloves ranging between 10 & 16oz at most stores. If you’re buying for a young athlete though, consider the 6 ounces category.

A guide to understanding the rules for the ideal size for your boxing gloves

Here you go, find your best fit.

10 Ounces

Buy these only, if you are headed into a fight. Some experts would even consider this to be an optimal weight for an actual combat; 8 ounces is more commonly used for the purpose though; never suggested for training otherwise. Try the 10oz variation and train on them before the fight to help you get the real feel of the hits and punches in the ring. Ideal for heavy bag work too.

Suggested boxer body weight: 100 – 150lbs

12 Ounces

This is an all-rounder! You would want to use these for light sparring with your partner or practicing on your rhythm and speed with your trainer.

Suggested boxer body weight: 100 – 150lbs

14 Ounces

The ideal sparring gloves. These are almost always used for light sparring as well as hitting pads. You wouldn’t find these very different from the 16oz gloves, only slightly lighter so that your hands are spared some tiring during the round.

Suggested boxer body weight: 151 – 175lbs

16 Ounces

If you are planning to go for some heavy sparring today, pick these 16oz gloves from your cupboard. Although these could be used for hitting the pads too, there best use is for heavy sparring. Thankfully, the heavy padding and greater surface area would move against your mood today and help keep your sparring partner safe from injuries; especially if your hand size is big and unusually heavy.

Suggested boxer body weight: 175lbs and above

Like I said, your trainer is your best guiding light for the right choice of once size of the boxing gloves. You should be able to find out if you need heavier than 16oz of padding as 18 and 20oz gloves. If your search is for a younger, junior athlete, you would get a recommendation for 4-6oz option. Use the advice before you invest in a custom made set of boxing gloves.

Can’t wait to see some new names in the boxing champions’ list, BEAT ‘EM TO THE PUNCH!

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