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How are Cheap and Expensive Boxing Gloves different?

Whether you are a beginner, seasonal, or an expert athlete, without a doubt you must have come across a variety of boxing equipment at either end of the price spectrum – by the pricing we mean the difference of boxing gloves price factors from brand to brand and quality to quality. 

Buy Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves come in different types and qualities. We understand that you have seen a $15 pair at your local sports shop but after seeing a $100 plus premium pair of gloves at Infinitude Fight online shop you can’t help but ask: what’s the difference between the two? Aren’t they both tools that protect my hands, right? 

Wide of the mark, boxing gloves are much more than mere tools made from pieces of materials, consider a t-shirt, a plain white t-shirt can go from anywhere between $5 to $400, the same way the quality of the gloves drives its price. Essentially it is up to you, how much you are willing to spend to get your hands on the premium boxing gloves. However what factors determine the quality? – The materials used in making are a good place to start!


Boxing Gloves 

The materials used to manufacture gloves vary from product to product. Ideally, 5 major materials are used to make gloves these days – offering different levels of comfort and quality. Once you have decided on the desired materials, you can move forward with the sizing and weight scales of your gloves, which eventually determine a solid price. 

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Materials used in Boxing Gloves

Synthetic Leather – Inexpensive brands normally use synthetic leather as the material is cheap to source. Synthetic leather gloves are okay for a few punches occasionally, but they won’t stand the everyday wear and tear of boxing and training or even offer you sufficient comfort and injury prevention buffer. 

Natural Leather – Natural top grain leather is the most durable and shielding material used to make boxing gloves. This is why you will find the majority of premium gloves made from genuine leather. Genuine leather boxing gloves are more durable than other variants and will also last you a long while – depending on the frequency of use. When you decide to buy boxing gloves we always recommend going for the genuine leather variants. 

Horsehair Padding – Horsehair padding was one of the most common materials used to pad boxing gloves, and it is still in use in premium-quality gloves. The ho-horsehair adding offers increased punching power and is a more environmentally friendly alternative. 

Foam padding – Foam padding has gotten more traction recently, but the material is known to last for a lesser time as compared to horsehair padding, however, foam padding offers increased and enhanced protection. 


Boxing Gloves Weight and Sizes

Sizing for gloves is different for everyone, and different sizes can be used for different occasions. Bigger gloves have relatively heavy padding and these variants are normally used for sparring and training. When it comes to smaller-sized gloves, these variants have less padding and material and are generally used in professional fights. 

While there remains a small pricing variation between the bigger and smaller gloves, the price of the variants shall not drive your purchasing decision – the usage should. 

Once you decide upon your intended use of the gloves – sparring, training, or fighting – you can better choose between the different materials. Do not base your sizing decision on boxing gloves price, as it can end up injuring you instead if you buy boxing gloves that do not fit you, the same goes for all other boxing equipment too. 


Here comes the million-dollar question – Should you choose cheap or expensive boxing gloves? 

Well, it all should depend on your goals and intended use. Answer the following questions below and they will make your decision process fairly easy. 

  1. How often do I train? 
  2. What tools do I use for training? Boxing pads, bags, etc.
  3. What do I prefer more, comfort or durability? 
  4. How long do I expect my gloves to last? 
  5. Am I an expert, seasonal, or a beginner fighter/trainee? 


As you answer all these questions one by one, you will have a pretty straightforward idea based on your goals – basing your buying decision on your goals will help you out in purchasing the perfect boxing gloves For instance if durability is important for you then you can choose real leather gloves as an investment, even if you plan on to train few times a week. 

In the end, it is totally up to your personal preference, you have to decide how much you want to spend out of your pocket and what a pair of gloves is worth to you.

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