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Boxing as Self-Defense for Women and Its Benefits

The idea of boxing being only male-dominated is so ancient that even Dinosaurs are jealous. The great thing about boxing is its evolution and adaptability. More and more women are taking up boxing as a sport, self-defense exercise, fitness routine, and combat sports with each passing day.

Infinitude Fight has always been a staunch supporter of more women getting into boxing, and we love to design boxing gloves so, that is a new showground altogether.

Boxing Gloves

There are no two schools of thought over boxing being a physically demanding and intense combat sport – which can become a major turn-off.

Nonetheless, with the right pair of boxing gloves, boxing gear, and intense training – you could become a pro-boxer in no time – trust us – you can, and you will.

When you go out to buy boxing gloves, always remember that what feels comfortable on your hands should always be your pick. Never compromise on comfort and quality.

Boxing Gloves Price

On the other hand, we won’t advise you to buy the most expensive gloves either. The boxing gloves price factor should also be under your consideration when you decide to buy a pair.

Boxing as a combat sport has always remained exciting due to its fantastic benefits on mental and physical health – as well as the high you get by pulling your inner self to physical extremes.

Below in this article, you will learn some of the basics of female boxing, which will include its equipment, benefits, and types.

Let’s have a look over different types of boxing for women;

Boxing has undergone constant changes, and it is one of the most famous sports that is still evolving. Boxing and boxing gloves now come in numerous forms, types, and intensities.

Women are free to choose and try any of the boxing types, but here are some Infinitude Fight recommendations for beginner female boxers:

Thai Boxing and Boxing Gloves

Mostly this style of boxing is known as Muay Thai – the sport involves the 8 limbs of the body – both upper and lower limbs. Other than kicking and punching, Muay Thai focuses on using the knees and elbows to inflict damage on the opponent.

Essential Muay Thai Equipment;

  • Muay Thai Boxing gloves
  • Ankle and Hand Wraps
  • Muay Thai attire
  • Mouthguards
  • Shin guards

Burmese Boxing and Boxing Gloves 

Burmese boxing is yet another interesting style of boxing that women are encouraged to try – it is called Burmese boxing or Lethwei – this style originates from Malaysia.

In contrast to Muay Thai, Lethwei is a full-contact sport that involves the 8 limbs – upper and lower- of the body and also the head. You read it right, and the opponents can head-butt each other.

Essential Burmese Boxing Equipment;

  • Boxing gloves
  • Shin and Mouth Guards
  • Protective gear for Beginners
  • Wraps

Chinese Boxing and Boxing Gloves

Chinese boxing is commonly known as Sanda, and it is a form of kickboxing that takes massive inspiration from Kung Fu, with some also from modern combat techniques.

In Sanda, opponents attack by kicking, punching, sweeping, throwing, and wrestling. Sanda also allows the use of knees and elbows.

Essential Sanda Equipment;

French Boxing and Boxing Gloves

As it is evident, the name the French boxing originated from France and got traction with the name ‘Savate,’ which translates to ‘old boot or shoe.’ In contrast to traditional boxing, Savate allows both punching and kicking in the ring.

Essential Savate Equipment;

  • Boxing gloves
  • Boots
  • Protective equipment for the groin, chest, and mouthparts.

American Boxing and Boxing gloves USA

American boxing is perhaps the most famous form of boxing. Unlike the other boxing types, in American boxing, fighters could only attack each other by throwing jabs and punches at their opponents.

Essential American Boxing Equipment;

  • Boxing gloves USA
  • Shoes
  • Groin and chest protectors
  • Mouth Guard
  • Wraps and Other protective gear.

What are the benefits of boxing?

There are tons of reasons to adopt boxing as a training or fitness routine, regardless of how intense it might seem.

  1. Let us now look upon tons of benefits that boxing could offer to women and men equally;
  2. Boxing practice strengthens and builds muscles, most notably the core, lower and upper body.
  3. Boxing can help you lose weight
  4. A great way to increase serotonin production, which in turn improves the overall mood.
  5. Boxing helps improve coordination, balance, agility, and endurance
  6. Boxing helps improve and correct body posture
  7. Regular boxing and training lowers the risk of cardiovascular ailments such as strokes and heart attacks
  8. Boxing helps in  releasing anxiety and stress
  9. Boxing can prove to be extremely fruitful for self-defense
  10. Boxing boosts focus and confidence

Boxing is one of the most fantastic combat sports this world has ever seen – with women taking part in boxing, the sport is expected to reach new heights in terms of popularity and style.

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