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How Boxing and Muay Thai are Different – and which is better?

Boxing and Muay Thai

Martial Arts history goes way back in time, and it won’t be wrong to say that humans and martial arts have been coexisting since the beginning of time. Not only are the martial arts outstanding while you watch them on your screen, but they are unbelievably enticing to take up as a routine and can prove to be a life-changing experience. 

At Infinitude Fight, we are bound with our eternal love for boxing gloves and various types of MMA – mixed martial arts. 

Boxing Gloves 

Boxing gloves are one of the most intelligent and handy pieces of tools ever invented for combat sports. Not only do the boxing gloves secure your punches, but they also offer your hand the optimum comfort that they deserve, granted the constant force of impact your hands and wrist go through while competing or training. 

When you decide to buy boxing gloves for any type of combat sport, make sure they fit you snugly, you can make a fist easily. Also, your fingers should gently touch the top of the gloves and, most importantly, that you are comfortable wearing them. 

Boxing Gloves Price

Additionally, we at Infinitude Fight do not ever recommend spending hundreds of dollars on purchasing boxing gloves. It would help if you always considered the boxing gloves price factors in terms of quality when making a purchase. 

Boxing and Muay Thai 

Out of all other types of martial arts, Muay Thai and boxing are the most appealing. As a beginner, you much be wondering which one of these is better? 

Comparing two distinct styles of mixed martial arts is frowned upon and a sin in itself as each type play with their own separate rules; thus, they are unique and distinct from each other. 

But for argument’s sake, below is a detailed elaboration on the similarities and differences between boxing and Muay Thai. 

Boxing Vs. Muay Thai

So, how different are these two? 

When it comes to Muay Thai, it is one of the most popular forms of martial arts, and Muay Thai fighters use all of their body’s lower and upper limbs to launch an attack on their opponent. This is why the sport is called “The Art of Eight Limbs.”

If you ever catch a Muay Thai match, you will see that fighters use their knees, kicks, and elbows to inflict powerful blows to their opponents. 

However, this is not the case with boxing; when compared to Muay Thai – boxing is somewhat limited since you are only permitted to use punches for strikes. Additionally, boxers are forbidden to target body areas below the waist. 

Also, to add extra power to your punches, a strong focus on footwork is highly recommended in boxing. 

Self Defense 

Boxing or Muay Thai, which is more effective for self-defense? 

As is often the case with trying martial arts that people get motivated by the desire to learn self-defense. For that purpose, Muay Thai can be your best bet rather than boxing. 

The Reason? – The main reason behind this is the flexibility and agility that Muay Thai offers. In hostile situations, knowing the fact that you can intelligently and successfully use any part of your body to defend yourself – strike the attacker – is the best reassurance a person might need. 

When you start learning Muay Thai, you will get a better hang on your elbows, hands, legs, knees, and feet. Additionally, you can also train to add extra power to your attacks so that you are better equipped to defend yourself. 

Weight loss 

Muay Thai or Boxing, which is better for weight loss?

This is an interesting question and quite controversial too – however, the answer to this is – both!

Both boxing and Muay Thai are high-intensity full-body workouts that hit all the spots and challenge all muscles in your lower and upper body. Training regularly, whether in boxing or Muay Thai, will aid you in shedding pounds by burning a lot of calories and fat. 

Besides weight loss, both martial arts – Muay Thai and boxing offer incredible benefits for mental and physical health. Training in both of these helps build stronger muscles while increasing endurance, balance, and agility. 

To top all the benefits, exercising lets you get rid of anxiety and built-up stress. 

Easier to Learn 

Boxing or Muay Thai, Which is easier to learn?

Theoretically, boxing is supposed to be easier to learn when compared to Muay Thai. Still, do not misjudge the word “easy,” as the training for both is quite tough and challenging for all people. 

What do we mean by “Easier” then?

When we say easier, we refer to the comparability and learning curve. As boxing only allows the use of the hand, the styles, techniques, and combinations you need for boxing are quite a bit fewer than that of Muay Thai with eight limbs. 

However, do not be discouraged as this could change from case to case; some people might find Muay Thai simpler to learn rather than boxing and vice-versa. So we recommend that you follow your instincts always. 

Buy Boxing Gloves

Whether you choose boxing or Muay Thai, the crucial thing is to buy boxing gloves and other high-quality boxing equipment. The higher quality equipment offers added protection and extra comfort and protects you from injuries during fights and training. 

Be sure to check out our boxing gear at Infinitude Fight; not only do you get quality products, but you can also customize them extensively using our customizer. 

Get a look at our extensive collection of boxing gloves, hand wraps, mouth guards, groin guards, and much more. You can customize each product to your heart’s content, get your logos, taglines, pictures, and whatever you want to be printed on your boxing gloves and equipment. 

What’s more, you can also choose the colors, weights, and types of gloves. In essence, you get a 100% customized product with Infinitude Fight customizer.

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