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World’s First 3D Custom Boxing Gear Builder from Infinitude Fight Stole the Limelight at ISPO 2019

Munich, Germany, February 2019: The world of boxing undoubtedly leaves boxing enthusiasts spellbound with the finest quality equipment releasing every year. This keeps manufacturers from all over the globe on the edge, waiting to unite on special exhibitions such as the ISPO Munich to showcase their products.

Infinitude Fight is an established boxing gloves brand that gives professional boxers and fighters the chance to get their own uniquely customized boxing and fight gear. What makes us a captivating company is our first time in the world – 3D custom boxing gear builderwe give users the personalized choice to create their own fight gear and boxing gloves.

Every year, manufacturers from all corners of the globe unite in Munich’s ISPO exhibition, where they get the chance to display their leather goods and other sports equipment. ISPO is all about promoting the evolution of sports. The exhibition encourages players and sports enthusiasts to see the latest products in the world of sports. Every year, the exhibition welcomes over 2,800 exhibitors who present their latest sports products from various segments, including boxing, outdoor sports, and more. It’s a four-day event full of impulses and rich contacts.

Infinitude Fight sent shockwaves across the boxing world with the unveiling of their all-new 3D customization technology at ISPO. For the first time in the world, a 3D custom boxing gear builder allows boxing and fight enthusiasts to personalize their fight equipment like never before. Built with INFINI TECH 3D Customization technology, the customizer lets the user have a full 360­o view of the equipment being customized.  Infinitude Fight made headlines at ISPO for its high quality customized boxing gloves and fight gear.  

“We use genuine cowhide leather material refined within our own factory units and offer the fastest shipping and lowest prices for 100% customized boxing gear.

During the exhibition, the types of products we exhibited included T-shirts, boxing trunks/shorts, BJJs, Pro boxing gloves (Velcro, lace up, and ridged wrist styles), Muay Thai gloves, MMA gloves, sparring gloves, shin guards, groin guards, knee pad, knee supports, hand wrap, head guards, groin guards and more. Primarily dealing in boxing headgear, groin guards and boxing gloves, the 3D custom builder can be used to customize any of the wide range of products offered by Infinitude Fight. The custom builder allows you to choose everything from color, to the logos, flags, and signature you wish to add to it.

Infinitude Fight made a prominent appearance at ISPO 2019 with the display of INFINI TECH 3D Custom Boxing equipment builder which allows boxers to have custom designed gear. We offer online ordering for customers across Europe including Germany Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland as well as the United Kingdom, United States, and Australia.

This in-depth and innovative customization aspect is what sets Infinitude Fight apart from its rivals in every way. After more than a decade in the industry and thousands of satisfied customers, Infinitude Fight has established itself as one of the world’s best boxing and fight equipment customizer. The 3D customization capabilities offered by Infinitude Fight, coupled with the fastest shipping and lowest prices offered for 100% customized boxing gear makes us one of the most rapidly rising stars of the boxing equipment customization industry.

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