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What to Prioritize In Boxing Gear – Style Or Utility?

Boxing Gear

Do you remember the last pair of jeans you got for your wardrobe? Why did you opt for one brand over the other? Mmm….maybe comfort and affordability? Ok how about that winter jacket, the puffer jacket you wore to that boys’ night out during the super cold December? Warmth, comfort, design, style? Right?

In your place, our answer would probably be more or less the same. But you can’t generalize that, can you? How about your shining armor of glory, your boxing gear, how about that? The boxing gloves, the head and groin guards?

Let’s zoom out a bit and walk through all we already know about and see what should take precedence.

Some Facts to Remember

Here are some real facts you must remember before taking any sides

Boxing is a Combat Sport

When you say a combat sport, really, it is that ferocious. Or at least, that’s where you are headed if you have taken it up not as a workout routine but rather to make a mark a world famous fighter. It ain’t as easy to put your name up with the boxing stars like Muhammad Ali, Ray Leonard or Roy Jones; especially not without letting those muscles practicing hard to perfect your skill and toughening your body against the hardest of opponent’s blows.

All this comes, but with time, patience and practice. Which means that your hands and body are constantly exposed to impact that you have to protect against, at least, to fight better in that ring. Your choice of boxing gloves, let’s say would definitely have to have these on the top of considerations

  • Glove type; sparring VS bag work
  • Fit of the glove on your hand’s silhouette
  • Ounce size
  • Type of closure; hook up VS lace up
  • Material; original VS synthetic leather

Longevity has Purpose

While on a look out for the right gear, you are likely to come across a range of boxing gloves that charge with an arm and a leg for price, or are marketed as the most durable ones in the market. Well, neither is without a reason.

Over years or experience, the use of various types of gloves by fighters have gained them their confidence as a reliable fighting partner and not just any accessory. The promise and actual experience of durability of a glove would mean that you are able to follow a fight a strategy without having to worry about whether your armor is supporting you in it or not.

And then as a trainee, unlike a pro, you don’t want to be spending those dollars every week just to get a new pair of gloves or any other gear just on a trial basis. Look for the quality of materials, you can evaluate this through the reputation of the brand. Infinitude fight for instance, offers you a one stop solution for where to buy your ideal boxing gear, affordably and in high quality synthetic and genuine leather.

Designs speak your style

All talks about the functionality of your boxing gear and none about it as a fashion statement would render the discussion incomplete. In today’s time and age, the type of boxing gear you use, especially the boxing gloves one is seen wearing, speaks tons about one’s personality and also fighting stance.

For instance, some people consider purple color to stand for sophistication yet bravery and formidable skill in the art of boxing. While this may or may not hold true in reality, there is definitely a reason for increasing demand for customized boxing gear and equipment worldwide.

Taking just a look at Infinitude’s boxing equipment range alone, you would have an idea of the variety in demand. And hey! Do check out the customized boxing gloves to find the design and color that matches your boxing mood.

Boxing is a regulated sport

Now there are association and boards running a lot of sports in different categories. Boxing however, evolved to have regulations placed around it in order to let it retain its nature as a ferocious combat sport that does not lead to opponents ending up killing one another.

Can you imagine even a blow is categorized as legal or illegal for this sport of action? In fact, it goes to the extent of disqualification of a participant should he be evaluated to have caused an intentional foul during the match that gave the opponent a life-threatening or a severe injury. Naturally, how it developed as a universally loved sport demanded the enforcement of regulations to ensure that it remains an enjoyable sport rather than a life-endangering bout for either of the opponents.

Oh yes, your thoughts are headed in the right direction. There is even the right size, type and brand of the boxing gear and gloves is clearly defined. World Boxing Federation, for example, allows 8 oz gloves for the Strawweight to Welterweight and 10 oz option for Super welterweight to heavyweight in championships. The brand on the other hand has to be pre-determined and agreed upon between the competing boxers.

That simply means the choice of gloves for a fighter can hardly be made on a factor like the style and design alone, much more technical details and specs would be at interplay while making this decision. You’d rather be king of the game here thanking of style.

What’s the verdict?

With people becoming more expressive about their choices in everything ranging from attire to food, it is hard to restrict them to limited options even with a product like the boxing equipment. From color themes to stitch style, materials to choice of stickers, young boxers now demand control over what they wear and what they don’t. Of course, one cannot ignore the value of technical specs as they are at the heart of learning boxing the right way; having standardized products however, is a thing of the past. Customization and personalization is the new way to go.

Our recommendation? To pick your boxing gear carefully

  • Opt for a trusted brand
  • Never ignore the technical specs that suit your requirements as a trainee or a blooming boxer
  • Treat price as secondary; quality paramount
  • Style and utility, hand in hand!

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