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Types of Hand Wraps That Must Be Considered

hand wraps

While choosing hand wraps for yourself, it is vital to focus on their type and length. It is so as they help you in maintaining your comfort and assist you in making those repeated hits with ease (most importantly, when training with a punching bag).

Most of the boxers out their prefer cloth wraps. Cloth hand wraps are the most usual and standard pick of many. However, there are other types as well, such as gauze wraps and tape wraps. These wraps are light in weight and are easily available.

Let’s help you get familiar with various types of wraps.

1.  Tape and Gauze Hand Wrap

Such hand wraps are quite popular among professional boxers. It is preferred by many to wrap their hands with gauze and then keeping the hands protected with various available tape options (like gaffa tape).

The process of wrapping isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires a special technique. It would be best if you can take help from someone at the initial stages.

Using tape and gauze hand wraps lets your hands feel light and protected. More so, these are available in various size options.

Note: They usually take quite a lot of time to get wrapped and can only be used once.

2.  Reusable Cloth Hand Wrap

These are wildly used wraps that are easily accessible via various top-notch boxing brands, such as Infinitude Fight. They are available in various sizes and colors, thus providing you with options when you make a purchase.

Their length usually ranges between 180 and 210 inches. Apart from this, if you prioritize maximum protection, you can always go for a cloth of longer length to wrap your hands with additional material.

However, when training alone, prefer wraps of shorter lengths, and the same should be the case if you have smaller hands. But, for people with larger hands, and for the ones who are involved in the sparring, hand wraps of longer lengths must be preferred.

3.  Elastic Bandage

These types of wraps help the boxers with more elasticity than other types available in the market. It means that they are capable of helping you make your boxing moves with much ease, as they perfectly conform with your hands.

These type of boxing wraps tends not to get loose as you indulge in training, work out sessions, or professional matches.

More so, these are highly breathable and never loosen up with time. Despite all these associated qualities, some boxers consider them too thick to be used.

Custom Hand Wraps

In case you have some special requirements and want your hand wraps to have some specific additions and characteristics, you can always go for custom hand wraps.

For this purpose, refer to team Infinitude Fight.


However, in the end, it’s all up to you that which type you prefer, as each type of hand wrap has its own qualities and drawbacks. So, analyze their characteristics, see which one of them provides you with maximum protection, comfort, and ease, and only then make up the final purchase decision.

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