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Tips to Keep Your Hand Wraps Fresh and Clean

Hand wraps

Hand wraps hold immense importance among all the available boxing equipment. They provide boxers with many benefits, such as:

  1. Adding an extra cushioning layer when the boxers get indulged in a match or training session.
  2. They provide them with wrist support.
  3. They help them keep their hands in the right striking position.
  4. More so, they also absorb sweat and help keep the foul smell away from the boxing gloves.

In order to keep your wraps new and increase their life span, one must keep them clean and take good care of them, as it won’t only keep the equipment fresh but also help you save money.

For your ease, we have compiled a list of tips that will help you increase the longevity of your wraps.

Tip 1: Let Your Hand Wraps Dry In Fresh Air

It’s a wrong practice if you put your dirty and sweaty hand wraps inside your gym bags soon after your match or training session.

In case you do so, it will provide ample chance for bacterias and fungi to grow in a damp, closed, and dark environment, ultimately causing your wraps to smell bad and foul with time.

So, try and dry them in fresh air before you put them in your gym bags. However, if there is a special case of urgency where you have no time to dry them but to put them inside your bag, make sure to take them out when you reach your destination.

Tip 2: Keep More Than One Pairs With You

It is ideal to have more than one hand wrap pair. Like this, you can use a different pair every day and keep the dirty ones in the laundry. It would be quite an ideal situation if you will have three to four pairs. Like this,  you can use a fresh pair during every match and training session.

Tip #3 Wash Your Pair Inside a Special Wash Bag or Mesh Bag

Washing the handwraps directly in the washing machine can get them torn and stuck, making them useless for future use. To keep your wraps protected while washing, it is advisable to keep them inside a mesh bag or wash bag.

Note: Do not forget to unwrap them before putting them inside the washing bag.

 Tip #4 Avoid Drying Them Up In A Drying Machine

Using a drying machine to dry your wraps will cause them to wrinkle up and let them lose the elasticity of their fiber. Thus, compromising their quality. To soak them up, it is best to do so while hanging the wraps in fresh air or the sun. It helps in keeping their cotton blend preserved.

In case you have no time to dry them in the sun, make sure that you put them in a wash bag while drying them in the drying machine.

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Tip #5 Use Detergents To Keep Them Away from Foul Smell

If you feel that your hand wraps have started smelling bad with time, try keeping them in a detergent or fabric softener for a night.


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