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How to select the appropriate wholesale boxing groin guard like a pro?

Appropriate Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

The best way to stay safe and give your best while practicing and fighting in the sport of boxing is to buy the right kind of protective gear with your gloves. Selecting the right kind of wholesale boxing groin guard is the most essential step in achieving this objective. 

Several factors go into the selection of an appropriate groin guard including the material, the fit, and the price. If you’re interested in knowing all about these engaging aspects, keep on scrolling through this blog for detailed insight into purchasing your protective groin equipment. 

Choose The Right Material For Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

Unlike boxing gloves, groin protectors come in all different kinds of materials and the type of material typically does not affect the amount of protection provided by the gear. It is all up to your personal preference and the budget you are willing to spend. 

Let’s take a look at some of the leather options that are available in the market for groin protectors. 

Real Leather 

Leather guards are more pricey and need more upkeep to maintain their protective features.  When properly maintained, they outlast all other materials used to make the groin guards.

Real leather is typically strong, flexible, and good at keeping perspiration and odors (released from the torso region) contained, which are common throughout a match. Given its flexibility and grip, calfskin leather is the best choice for a groin protector. 

Both materials are suitable regardless of price, even though goatskin leather is significantly less expensive than cowhide. 

It is a known and accepted the fact that the best wholesale boxing groin guard made of original leather is the ideal choice for maximum safety and optimal performance.

Synthesized Leather

Synthetic leather is inexpensive compared to real leather and requires less effort for its maintenance. However, it rapidly becomes less appealing. Although when worn, it looks and feels like genuine leather, the strength level does not even come close to the durability of the original material.

The groin shields made from synthetic leather are typically designed in particular for boxers who are just starting out and are low on their budgets.

If synthetic leather boxing equipment is used frequently and not cleaned correctly, it will rapidly begin to smell bad so you must be vigilant with the regular cleaning of your groin guard.

However, heavyweight and more experienced boxers usually do not go for this kind of wholesale boxing groin guard. 


Vinyl is a great alternative if the original leather groin guard is out of your price range. Although vinyl or polyurethane leather is prone to splitting and has a short lifespan, it is still suggested for beginners who do not have a lot of money to splurge on boxing equipment.

Vinyl groin guard in boxing has the benefit of being easier to clean than other materials. This equipment can be cleansed at home; there is no need to take it to a professional cleaner for cleanup.

This is a fantastic alternative if you’re a beginner boxer seeking groin protection that looks professional and provides a good range of safety.

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Durability Of Groin Guard In Boxing

Since the groin guard provides security to one of the core body parts in boxing, it is essential that you buy one with maximum endurance and strength. A protective gear that can absorb the highest amount of strain and impact is the equipment you should be looking for. 

As mentioned above, the best kind of durability is offered by a groin guard that is made out of original leather material so that should be at the top of your list before making a purchase. 

Select The Appropriate Size

If you’re selecting a new groin guard, pay special attention to the size chart because every company’s size can vary. Some specify the wearer’s waist size and body weight for determining the appropriate groin protection size. 

Never measure your waist over clothing; instead, use a tape measure to measure your waist above the pelvic bone. The boxer’s motions should not be restricted by the elastic band or laces holding the groin protection in place, and they must not slide around the body. 

A length chart for the rubber band that the groin protector is fastened to is provided by some manufacturers. Typically, men’s protectors come in sizes S, M, L, and XL. The female groin guard is in sizes XXS and XS.

Fit And Comfort

In addition to providing the best possible protection, comfort and a secure fit are key features to take into account because they will affect the user’s performance in other ways. 

Check that the groin protection you choose is the most comfortable for your body type, has an elastic leg strap that provides a secure fit, and is simple to adjust.If you’re looking for a store that can offer you wholesale boxing groin guards keeping in view high-quality materials, the right size, and comfort, look no further than Infinitude Fight which brings all of these factors together in equipment that is affordable and will be delivered at your doorstep.

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