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How to wear the wholesale boxing groin guard correctly?

Only the most talented players seem to excel in boxing because it is a high-intensity sport. Therefore, the fact that wounds are actually relatively common shouldn’t be a shock. The most crucial piece of gear you can get is undoubtedly the wholesale boxing groin guard

We know you want to win every single fight and ace every training session and the best way to do this is having equipment that gives you the most amount of protection. The essential condition for wearing your groin guard appropriately is to buy one that fits you perfectly and is comfortable. 

If you have never worn a groin protector before, keep on reading this blog for a brief and thorough explanation on how to wear the guard correctly. 

Steps For Wearing The Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard 

Apparently, it might seem like an effortless task to just take the groin protector and wear it like some regular shorts but that’s not the case. Follow these steps to wear it correctly every single time. 

Wear It Under or Over Your Shorts

The first step is to make a choice between whether you want to wear the groin guard directly on your bare skin or above the boxing trunks. Or another option is to wear it over your compression shorts. 

If you decide to wear it directly onto your skin, it will provide you with more safety than above underwear or shorts. However it can be a bit uncomfortable initially but once you get settled in, it will not be a major problem. 

We suggest you give every method a try and see what best suits your comfort and protection level because the more at ease you feel with your wholesale boxing groin guard, the better performance you will deliver.

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Put On The Groin Guard In Boxing

Before you put it on, ensure that the groin protector is in an accurate position. The correct way to place it over your torso is to wear the athletic cup correctly before you actually wear the guard. The broader side of the cup should be facing upwards and the narrow end should be facing downwards. 

Your genital area should be completely encased and covered by the wholesale boxing groin guard. Since it is the most delicate part of your body, you must ensure that it is completely shielded from the strikes and jabs coming from your opponent. 

Make Some Adjustments 

If you have bought a groin guard with a separate athletic cup, you can make some final adjustments with your hands before putting on your boxing shorts. 

If you’re wearing a groin protector with straps, adjust the straps so that they appropriately fit your waist. Make sure it is secure enough to prevent slipping, but not so secure that it digs into your hips and is irritating.

Slip On Your Outerwear

After you’re done making the final adjustments to the straps and the cup, you can put on your trunks, underwear, or compression shorts. Now this is a choice that is completely up to you and your comfort level. 

Wearing baggy shorts is a pleasant and snug option because your skin can still breathe despite the fact that the groin guard in boxing is a very tightly fitting gear. There is ample room for air to move through your thighs and upper stomach if you opt for the baggy boxing trunks. 

Cost Of The Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

You should be prepared to spend at least ten dollars for groin guards, which are comparable to standard athletic cups.

You’re going to spend a little bit more money if you choose a model that has a strap. The average cost of this sort of stomach protection is between $10 and $20.

Even though you might want to cut costs when purchasing this boxing equipment, this is not the spot to do so. Spending extra money on a gear that offers unparalleled protection is preferable to settling for a $5 choice that falls out or doesn’t absorb pressure.

Some Extra Tips For Wearing Groin Guard In Boxing

By using this protective equipment, injuries to the pelvic and genital parts can be easily avoided. The following tips will help you use your groin guard most efficiently:

  • Always make sure that the groin protector is firmly secured around the torso and doesn’t have any floppy ends. Otherwise, it might come off mid-fight which will not only bring you embarrassment but might steal the victory from right under your nose. 
  • You can use compression shorts, fastened straps, or jockstraps with the groin guard for maximum protection and safety.
  • Even if you do not have strong financial backing, try to invest in a good quality wholesale boxing groin guard because the quality of the equipment is what matters the most. So don’t skimp on money when it comes to this specific gear.
  • Whether you are a female boxer or an expert who has been in the sport for years, never skip the groin protector because it brings safety to your most sensitive and essential body parts. 

If you are looking for a premium quality wholesale boxing groin guard that provides maximum comfort with security at not-too-expensive rates, hit the online store of Infinitude Fight today and let us help you buy the best protective gear for your next match.

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