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Are MMA Gloves Worth Buying?

Why do we use MMA gloves?

Mixed martial art (MMA) gloves share the category of a commercial product operating in a specific market niche. We use these gloves for the purpose to facilitate fitness experts, fighters, and martial artists. This accessory adds convenience, support, and flexibility to the muscle movement of martial artists. Custom MMA gloves magnify this support and facilitation by meeting the exact requirements and desires of their users. The questions of ‘why and when’ lie in close proximity to each other in the ideological world. We use MMA gloves for protection, strong wrist support, right-hand posture, and intact muscle movement. Individuals use these for learning martial arts, in their fighting profession, while coaching, for regular practice sessions, competitions, and more. Conventionally, people start using these gloves as they step into the field of fighting, fitness, or martial arts as professionals. 

Why should you customize your MMA gloves?

MMA gloves are a commercial consumer product like all other products and commodities. It permeates in a standard form with certain typical features in its market. Brands and ventures, however, employ their unique selling points (USPs) to innovate with the product and their experience at a micro level.

This dominantly helps them stand out among their competitors. However, customization of these gloves from your side will fetch you some benefits rather than the supplier. Following are some fundamental encouraging factors for personalizing your MMA gloves.

Reasons for getting Custom MMA Gloves

  • Perfect size, fit, and measurements
  • Design and color of your own choice
  • Material of your choice 
  • Better wrist support and hand grip 
  • The extra padding layer adds to your comfort 
  • Enhancing arm flex
  • Increase in safety and protection 
  • Chances of being cheaper and cost-effective (if you choose low-cost material or reduce the padding layers) 
  • Add to your style
  • Enhance your persona and image in the competitions
  • Customized MMA gloves contribute towards the aesthetic values of your user experience 

How many types of MMA gloves are there?

Custom MMA gloves come in different types, sizes, forms, designs, and materials. All these types meet distinct and unique purposes of their own. The basic knowledge of MMA gloves types will help you choose the best one for yourself. 

Customized MMA gloves to have distinction and uniqueness in their types. The three basic types of MMA gloves are sparring, competition, and grappling gloves. All of them have their own product features and attributes. 

Competition Gloves

Fighters use these gloves for professional competitions. They are extremely lightweight in comparison to the other gloves. It is following the lower levels of padding they have. 

These gloves weigh between 4oz to 7oz, whereas on average, MMA gloves weigh 9oz and more. Fighters also use hand wraps upon these gloves to ensure their and other fighters’ safety and protection. They have thin padding layers to harm and influence your opponent.

Training or Grappling Gloves

Hybridity is a dominating feature of these customized MMA gloves. They do not have a lot of padding layers but have extensive space for finger movement. Their design remains functional this way as it aims to train individuals and fighters. 

It is better at formulating muscle movement, finger movement, and blood flow than the competition gloves. They also have a relatively thick layer of padding. Users consider these gloves hybrid as they allow a valid learning experience in all positions and on the ground. 

Sparring Gloves

Sparring is one of the most crucial fields for all fighters. These gloves support fighters who condition themselves and engage in constructive MMA practice sessions before the actual matches. These gloves share many padding layers in contrast to the former two types.

Hence they weigh around 7oz to 10oz, providing ultra-protection layers to your hands and knuckles. It also protects your opponent from critical injuries, while ensuring remarkable wrist support for yourself. Customized MMA gloves allow you a valid and reliable user experience. 

Are MMA gloves worth your purchase? 

In case you are still wondering, Personalized MMA gloves are definitely worth your purchase. Their financial costs are absolutely relevant in exchange for their value and deliverables. Their purchase should be your primal priority as a martial artist or a fighter. 

Their price range in Pakistan begins from Pkr. 990 to Pkr. 3,500 on average. Exclusive brands, that produce using imported material also charge up to Pkr. 10,000 and more.  

Why should you choose Infinitude Fight for your gloves?

Infinitude Fight should be your topmost priority for getting personalized MMA gloves. We allow you to have premium quality custom MMA gloves with more than extraordinary consumer satisfaction services. We serve you style, quality, and comfort at cost-effective rates.

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