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Bursting the popular misconceptions about wholesale boxing groin guard

Misconceptions about Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

As much as it is an essential gear for safety and protection, the wholesale boxing groin guard has a lot of misconceptions attached to it. This equipment brings security and optimal performance for the boxers but despite that, a lot of people are hesitant to wear it. 

The reason for this hesitance is that a lot of misunderstandings are attached to the groin guards. If you are feeling skeptical about buying groin protectors, keep on reading this blog because we are going to burst all the bubbles of misinformation. 

Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard Brings Discomfort

Although some athletes claim that groin protection is unpleasant and difficult to use, the equipment can fit smoothly with the proper purchase and fit. When looking for groin protection, you have two primary choices including the hard and soft cups. 

Gear With Hard Cup

Since the hard plastic cups used in groin guards press against the inside of the thighs, they can feel a bit irritating if you are a beginner. But it can easily limit your opponent’s range of motion when they punch you in the torso. 

The sturdy material offers complete defense for your mid-section during a fight. If you are practicing with a dummy boxing bag, the wholesale boxing groin guard with a hard plastic cup can prove extremely beneficial by providing you with additional force to tackle. 

Soft Cups

Boxing and martial arts frequently use soft cups, also known as gel cups which are padded and constructed of a more flexible substance (silicon). As a more pleasant substitute for a hard cup, we highly recommend using the soft cups.  

This way, you still get some extra protection in case of an exceptional blow without having to deal with the uncomfortable hard piece of gear during a fight.

Additionally, it won’t limit your movement and you’ll rapidly become used to it almost as if it weren’t there. The soft cup’s potential inability to fully absorb impact is its only drawback.

The reason why it is widely popular that the wholesale boxing groin guard is uncomfortable is because of its combination with a jockstrap. 

A jockstrap, equipment typically worn with a cup, holds the guard firmly in place and is composed of a flexible material comparable to cotton underpants. Males who aren’t used to wearing one could find this uncomfortable because it adds another element to your equipment. 

However, this is a subjective approach and it is impractical not to wear the groin guard in boxing given the countless amount of accidental blows delivered in this sport.

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The Groin Guard In Boxing Is Irrelevant

Many male boxers simply don’t believe groin guards are necessary. It is mistakenly believed that the chance of a strike to the torso is so minimal that it is not worthwhile investing in the groin guard.  

In actuality, it is extremely essential for complete safety and optimal performance. And even if there was a chance of a risk, wouldn’t you try your hardest to avoid it? 

Beginners and less skilled boxers are less organized and accurate, which increases the likelihood of injuries. 

Some experts claim that having superior defensive skills eliminates the need for a groin protector, but as you get older and develop your technique, you might choose this strategy. It’s always better to be safe than sorry till you reach that specific age of expertise in your boxing career.  

Limited Mobility

A lot of boxers believe that the groin guards bring limitations to the movement and agility of amateur fighters. They say so because of the additional weight it can add up to the boxing gear you are sporting. 

This is actually true but does not reduce or eliminate the importance and requirement of groin protectors in reality. The secret is to choose the proper kind of protection and give yourself enough time to get a suitable fit. 

It is best to use a groin guard with a soft cup and an attached cup pocket because, after a short while, you won’t even feel it’s there.

The Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard Is Costly

When it comes to your bank account, boxing equipment may really mount up. However, the groin guard in boxing of high quality and comfort can be purchased for a reasonable price. 

There are plenty of affordable solutions with top-notch genuine leather materials that can give you a feeling of security and maximum output, as compared to the unnecessarily expensive options out there in the market.

Infinitude Fight has got your back when it comes to budget-friendly and high-quality wholesale boxing groin guards that will not just protect you from sharp accidental strikes but help you stay comfortable and breezy in the gear. Hit our website today for more information on protective gear!

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