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  • Influence of Tech in Sports

    The Influence of Tech in Sports – Customize Your Boxing Gear

    Nowadays the importance of technology cannot be denied in any field of life. Like all other professions, sports gear manufacturers are also benefiting from the latest technologies. Infinitude Fight is providing the best option there is to customize your own boxing gear according to your choice.

    If you are an amateur trainee, a professional boxer, or a fitness enthusiast, here is some good news for you. Over the past few years, technological advances have led to improvements that benefit professional boxers and fitness enthusiasts. Now, it is possible for you to customize your boxing gear to your choice. Choose the right size that fits, the right colors you want, and the logo to brand yourself.

    How to Customize Your Boxing Gear

    At Infinitude Fight, we believe that you deserve the best boxing gear, whether it is gloves, head guard, or groin guard and boxing trunks. At the same time, we understand that everybody is unique and every professional would need something unique to motivate him or her and to make boxing as exciting as possible. While you play the sport so hard, we believe in giving you the Best boxing gear in affordable price.

    Our innovative technology allows you to personalize the design, colors, size, pattern, and materials to use in your fighting gear. Moreover, you can add the logo you want. If you want to brand your gear, we are here to assist with the graphics. Add initials to them as printed text, patches, or with embroidery. You can make your gear unique to motivate you.

    All you have to do is specify the details in the order you place. We take care of the rest and deliver the finished products at your doorstep.

    Using the 3D Customizer

    Our innovative 3D customizer technology allows you to customize your boxing gear with the following options:

    • Different colors for the strap, palm back, thumb strip, thumb up, thumb down, palm-in, palm-out, laces, piping, & stitching.
    • Have your custom logo on the gloves on the wrist-back, palm-in, or palm back
    • Have your signature printed or embroidered on the thumb or/and palm-back of your gloves
    • Matte, plain, fluorescent, or metallic colors
    • Modify every detail of the custom boxing gear design according to your preferences
    3D Customizer

    Premium Quality Custom Boxing Gear

    At Infinitude Fight, it is all about you and making sure you find and design the fighting gear according to your choice. This is why we only use the best materials to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you order custom boxing trunks, custom made gloves, or other fighting gear, we remain committed to excellence and use materials that last long.

    While our designers work with the specifications you provide, we make our best efforts to make it perfect. At the back, we have an excellent ERP system that makes it possible for us to customize the requirements to enhance your order. We handle each order as a unique one. We use the highest quality of raw materials, and cowhide leather to ensure the great quality of our products. Over the past few years, we have tested different materials and now we use only the best.

    Quality of Custom Boxing Gear

    Moreover, the colors and threads we use for the fabric, printing the logo or embroidery are high quality as well. They will not fade or wear off too easily. Now you can make an amazing impression with your branded custom boxing trunks, custom made gloves, and head guard and groin guard. When you purchase our gear, you can customize them to identify you using unique logos and other printed text. You can get some amazing and creative ideas from those we have in store.

    We have an inventory full of all kinds of fighting gear so that you can shop right here and Infinitude Fight. If you find something you would like, but need some modifications, we can do it using our 3D Customizer. We will make it exactly what you envision. Customize your boxing gear and place your order today. We will deliver it at your doorstep.

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