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Do all MMA fighters wear the wholesale boxing groin guard?

Mixed martial arts are more versatile than boxing and can be even more challenging sometimes. The wholesale boxing groin guard becomes inevitable in this sport just like boxing. 

Since the impact is distributed equally throughout the body in MMA, the groin guards are extremely important. However, the center of attention, attack, and focus is usually the torso area which makes the protective gear essential. 

People get struck with the question of whether or not the groin guard is required for MMA fighters and the answer is YES! Keep on reading this blog for understanding why it is so important and how you can wear it as a martial arts combatant. 

Pros Of Wearing Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard In MMA

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a full-force combat sport that allows athletes from a variety of competitive sports to compete using a wide range of fighting methods and expertise. 

The regulations permit the use of punching and gripping maneuvers from both a standing and a seated position. Athletes from many martial arts disciplines can compete in competitions using a common set of rules.

The MMA fights to feature a variety of distinct leg motions and abdominal strikes from Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Karate, Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Taekwondo. The importance of the wholesale boxing groin guard increases due to this specific aspect of MMA.

Groin guards provide several benefits for MMA fighters including:

  • One of the best moves in MMA is the knee slide pass. Unfortunately, your workout partner or the opponent may occasionally give you a direct knee strike to the groin. In this scenario, wearing a protective guard can prevent your genitals from being crushed during a pass attempt.
  • During MMA matches, a number of distinct circumstances might result in an unintentional elbow to the groin.
  • During your MMA training sessions, you could unintentionally take a shot to the crotch. It’s routine practice to unintentionally be shot in the groin during a scramble. You won’t get hurt if you wear a wholesale boxing groin guard in these circumstances.

Select The Correct Supporter With Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard

The most popular support for the groin guard is the jock strap. It features two elastic bands that you can wrap around your legs and a pouch for the protective cup inside of the guard.   

Jockstraps are typically available in small, medium, and large sizes and are quite stretchy. Make sure the jockstrap you choose will securely fit around your waist. The label on the protective gear will list the waist size ranges.

Compared to compression shorts, jock straps are frequently less expensive.

Use a jock strap that tightly encircles your waist. You don’t want it to fall while you’re constantly moving during a training or MMA sparring session.

Because they don’t frequently slip and fall, jock straps are excellent choices for supporters in cases where you run or turn a lot. All MMA fighters, regardless of their fighting style, Kung Fu, Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu, or kickboxing, can use jockstraps.

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Compression Shorts With Groin Guard In Boxing

If you dislike jock straps, compression shorts are an excellent substitute. In essence, compression shorts are fitted boxer underwear with a front opening for the athletic cups. 

Purchase a pair of compression shorts with the circumference of your waist listed on the label. They should tightly embrace your waist and thighs, but not so tightly as to restrict blood flow.

Compression shorts are a better choice for groin guards in boxing if you have delicate skin on the inside of your thighs because they feel tight like boxer shorts and are less likely to cause blisters on your skin.

Impact Shorts For Extra Safety

Impact shorts are similar to compression shorts, but they also contain foam insulation on the hips, back, and thighs to absorb slips and strikes. Because they prevent serious hip or leg injuries from bad landings, they are quite popular among MMA fighters. 

If you won’t have any padding on your hips and thighs and require extra support, go with impact shorts.

How To Wear Wholesale Boxing Groin Guard In MMA

Just like boxing, MMA sports required a perfectly fitted protective cup for gaining optimal safety from the groin guards. First of all, you need to spot the seam built on the shorts that you are wearing. These seams are typically located on the front of shorts.

Place the athletic cup carefully (with the broader side facing upwards) inside the shorts that you have selected. 

It could be a little challenging to push it all the way down because of the gel lining. If the cup becomes stuck, twist it back and forth until it completely descends down the shorts.

Spread the elastic band out while wearing underpants, then pass your right leg through the hoop on the right and the band. Put your left leg through the left hoop’s band. Allow the elastic bands to slip up your legs as you pull the waistline up. 

Slide behind your thighs and tweak the rubber band until they are firm once the waistband is on your midsection.

If you’ve never worn an athletic cup with the groin guard before, putting on boxer shorts will undoubtedly make you feel more at ease.

The perfect and comfortable fit for wholesale boxing groin guards in the MMA sports can be difficult to find. Infinitude Fight has a wide range of groin protectors so hit our website today and buy the best one for yourself.

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