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Boxing As An Adventure And Life Enhancement


Do you realize the world you live in today, is several times different from the one the older generations had? The variation is not in lifestyle alone but rather in the threats you are exposed to. Not to say that the earlier generation didn’t have its fair share of challenges, but maybe life back then was simpler and hence easier.

Well, you also enjoy bigger, better, and more opportunities to have a greater standard of living than your elders ever did. Where your elders could only jog or do some standard exercise moves to stay fit, you have such a wide variety of options to choose from even to keep fit. Yoga, Pilates, dancing workout, boxing – so much to choose from.

Boxing for one has seen a boom over the past couple of decades owing to various reasons.  From being a game of glory alone, it has developed into a lifestyle choice for a healthy and fit body. But the question really is, does boxing actually work as a life enhancement exercise or activity?

Lifestyle Enhancement, What Is It Anyway?

While you may like to take it very lightly, let us bring home the fact that life enhancement is actually a concept that emphasizes real improvement in the quality of life which could hypothetically impact your life expectancy.

Ever heard of the Wushu Qigong? Basically a set of exercises aimed at improving the internal conditions of your body to allow better physical and mental health and hence longer, happier life. Phew, details on this one, another time. Boxing generally and boxing workout, in particular, is now amongst some of the keenly followed routines to reap some clear cut benefits.

Body Toning, Muscle Building and Trimming

This one’s the most obvious targets of the boxing workout. The key feature in training for boxing workout is those punches; the seamless moves are supported by the right type, size and quality of boxing gear, of course not without the input of a knowledgeable coach.

Body toning is not losing shaping muscle alone, it is losing some fat as well as building some muscle too.

You see, just throwing random blows in the air won’t let your body tone. Consider arm toning for instance which can be achieved through sparring, but only to a limited extent. Your boxing exercise has to be a mix of boxing moves as well as some more traditional methods like weight lifting, running, squats, and cardio moves to get in that perfect,  fit shape.

The mantra for endurance        

Stamina. That’s the key; that is one essential you are to build in order to reach your glory dreams.

Ever wonder why you have to go through all those sessions of shadow boxing or sparring, bag work, or the pad work? Yes, to ensure your feet, body and the mind work in tandem with each other, to build up the focus on your opponent and each of his moves and to develop the grits to stand the pressure, the blows and continuity of your hand and body movement during about in the ring.

Well, you would be doing quite a few things to build that stamina like running and rope jumping, bag work, mitts drills, and sparring in the category of boxing would take you a long way with this target. Being able to stand the impact of punches on a bag and even on a smaller target like a mitt and yet continuing to fight, is priceless!

Hand-Eye-Feet Coordination

A no brainer. Boxing could be a medical recommendation to work on this area but is definitely essential when it comes to training for professional boxing.

Timing’s god in boxing. Your pace of blow or reaction to a hit means everything; the impeccable swiftness in the response is what made most popular of the boxers legends.

While we would leave the detailed specifics of the actual training to your coach’s recommendation, the main ingredients would always involve simulated attacks by your partner and your counter attack. Along with a combination of different blows and defensive reactions, a gradual build-up of speed in the process is what would develop the harmony in your hand-eye and foot movement.

Do not underestimate the value of the correct boxing gloves here. Even when you are ordering the customized boxing gloves by Infinitude Fight, do not compromise the basics for style alone. While we would look after the quality concerns, you need to be absolutely sure about the fit, type, and ounce size you require in order to manage your punches hassle-free and also without any possibility of inuring your hands.

That said, what would life enhancement be without a bit of style and swag to a boxer’s outlook? Tip, look out for the most fashionable options in custom boxing gloves, and premium quality of Infinitude Fight’s boxing equipment to set yourself on the right track, in style! Call it boasting or self-confidence, we like to show off a bit of that heroic attitude!

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