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Are you a history nerd? Read this to get an insight on wholesale boxing equipment’s history

wholesale boxing equipment

The modern and popular wholesale boxing equipment is not a single day’s work. In fact, it took decades for it to look like it’s current form. The contemporary gloves might not look like an expensive antique piece, however, they really are the best.

If you’re one of those nerdy boxing enthusiasts who also happen to enjoy history, you’ve come to the perfect place. The dense and diverse growth of the gloves is both interesting and educational.

Read on this blog for a detailed brief of the history and evolution of boxing gloves. Buckle up because it’s going to be an interesting ride!

Wholesale Boxing Equipment In Ancient Greece

Boxing gloves have a long and rich history that dates back to 1500 BC. Hand-to-hand combat has been used by humans from the beginning of time. 

We don’t know if these earliest fights were legitimate or just for fun, but the boxing gloves that go with them have been expertly produced for decades and give us a priceless window into the ancient world.

Boxing gloves have been around since 668 BC in Ancient Greece. The sport of arm combat, such as boxing, is much older than the gloves themselves, but they provided a remedy for the bloodied hands that boxers would experience during an Olympic-style bout.

The original wholesale boxing equipment was not actual gloves. They were manufactured of low-quality materials and rather similar hand wraps. To add more support, they would be wrapped around the hand and stretched back to the forearm.

The Era Of Knuckle Dusters

Later, when solid blocks or other heavy materials were fastened beneath the hand wraps, the knuckle duster’s foundations were laid. These gloves were definitely not for the faint of heart. 

They were extremely destructive to the person wearing them while exerting maximum damage to the wearer’s adversary. Greek historical accounts describe the famous fighters who held these blocks or metal clubs in their hands. 

When utilizing the early knuckle duster style gloves, these combatants frequently suffered serious hand losses. The bone and cartilage in the hands were severely damaged by the frequent impact of utilizing such a weapon. 

These carefully cultivated hand covers were known as Cletus in Roman times, and they spread throughout the empire with different kinds of variants.


Muay Thai Boxing Wholesale Equipment

It wasn’t until the latter half of the 18th century, when boxing wagers also gained popularity, that the idea of specified rounds was introduced. 

Prior to this time, fights would have been knockout contests with no supervisor present and a single-finger motion used to indicate defeat. While Asia and the Middle East also developed powerful fighting techniques resembling boxing, Ancient Greece is credited with creating the first varieties of wholesale boxing equipment. 

The renowned Muay Thai combat technique originated in Thailand during the Han dynasty when Thai soldiers repelled a Chinese invasion. The former name of Thailand was Siam, and its troops received training in two-sword fighting.

This historical style of Muay Thai combat permitted its participants to engage in equipment-less combat. They were still able to battle despite losing their sword by using their legs, knees, elbows, and hands.

Jack Broughton And Wholesale Boxing Equipment

In the seventeenth century, when its forerunner, bare-knuckle combat, was regarded as a sport for the working class, boxing actually gained hold. In the form that we currently recognize, the leather boxing glove wasn’t created until 1773 by Jack Broughton. 

Broughton earned the title of “the father of boxing” despite the fact that the sport wouldn’t adopt his gloves until many years later. However, until their purpose was widely recognized, they were used in drills and sparring. 

It’s noteworthy to remember that boxing gloves were referred to as “mufflers” because of how quietly a blow lands compared to using bare knuckles.

Boxing equipment wholesale was initially thought to be a weak thing that denoted an easy target. The simple boxing glove didn’t start to gain popularity until the middle classes began to play the game. 

Respected gentlemen and others from higher social classes didn’t want to get wounded in boxing, so Broughton’s gloves became an instant success.

Official Boxing Rules

In London, a set of regulations requiring boxing went into effect in 1865. For the first time, the Marquess of Queensbury Rules outlined the necessity of donning some sort of protective glove. 

The London Prize Ring Rules, which supported no fist padding, had previously mandated that boxing competitors fight bare-knuckle, therefore this was a pleasant adjustment for them. 

The Queensbury Rules are largely responsible for the modern boxing that we know today. The changes were an essential improvement to a sport that had recently been overly masculinized.

Evolution Of The Padding And Weight

To provide boxing gloves the much-needed weight required for the full-contact sport, padding like horsehair and cotton was added. By this time, the suggested minimum weight was greater than 5 oz. 

As a result, boxers were for the first time totally shielded from severe facial injuries that they would have been forced to sustain. The inside padding was changed from horsehair to foam in the 1960s, which was the most significant change. 

The development of a considerably more compressed and thinner glove with the same level of hand and facial protection was made possible by the use of foam.

The history of wholesale boxing equipment is so fascinating that it is impossible not to get excited to buy your gloves. And there is no better place for that than Infinitude Fight with its diverse weight and customization options for the best prices.

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