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Unleash Your Inner Champion with Custom MMA Shorts

Custom MMA Shorts

Customizing your fight outfit doesn’t have to be difficult; however, it does take a little bit of planning and research. Whether you are designing for a casual or more formal occasion, there are several different options to choose from. Even if you aren’t sure what colors and patterns look best together, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try! Here we will discuss the ins and outs of designing custom MMA fight shorts, as well as provide tips on how to get the most out of your design process. 

What To Look For When Buying Custom MMA Shorts Online 

When buying customizable shorts or headgear, consider the following factors:

  1. Material: Look for a high-quality, durable material that will withstand the wear and tear of MMA training and competition.
  2. Fit: Choose shorts that fit well and provide a good range of motion for your legs. Consider elastic waistbands, adjustable drawstrings, and flexible materials for a comfortable fit.
  3. Breathability: Look for shorts that have breathable material and ventilation to keep you cool and dry during intense training sessions.
  4. Design: Customize the design of your MMA shorts to match your style and personality. Check for options to add logos, lettering, or other graphics.
  5. Brand reputation: Choose a brand that is known for quality and reliability in the MMA community.
  6. Price: Custom MMA shorts can range in price, so be mindful of your budget and look for good value.
  7. Customer reviews: Read customer reviews and feedback to see what others have to say about the fit, quality, and comfort of the shorts you are interested in.

How to Measure for Custom MMA Shorts

To measure for custom MMA shorts, follow these steps:

  1. The waist measurement should be taken by wrapping a measuring tape around your natural waistline, ensuring it is level and not too tight. Measure the distance in inches and record the measurement.
  2. Measure the inseam of your pants from the crotch seam to the bottom of your leg.
  3. Measure the width of your thigh by wrapping the measuring tape around the widest part of your thigh.
  4. The widest part of your hips should be measured by wrapping the measuring tape around it.
  5. Measuring your leg opening circumference is the most accurate way to determine the size of your leg.
  6. The length measurement is based on the distance between your waistline and the bottom of your leg.

It’s recommended to take these measurements in your underwear or tight-fitting clothing to ensure accuracy. In order to order custom MMA gear, please refer to the specific brand’s sizing chart and provide the measurements that correspond to your size when ordering custom MMA shorts online.

3 Stitching Options For Custom Mma Shorts

When it comes to custom shorts, there are three main stitching options to consider:

  1. Flatlock Stitching: This type of stitching is ideal for MMA shorts as it is durable and provides a flat, smooth finish to prevent irritation or rubbing during training. Flatlock stitching is often used in high-stress areas like the seams and crotch of the shorts.
  2. Overlock Stitching: Overlock stitching is a strong, flexible, and durable method of stitching that provides a clean, finished look to the shorts. This type of stitching is ideal for areas that experience a lot of movement, like the legs and waistband.
  3. Coverstitch Stitching: Coverstitch stitching is a type of double-stitching that provides extra strength and durability to the seams of MMA shorts. This method of stitching is ideal for areas that are prone to wear and tear, like the side seams and crotch of the shorts.

When choosing the stitching for your custom MMA shorts, consider the type of training and competition you will be participating in, as well as your personal preference for comfort and durability.

5 Ways To Customize Your Shorts 

  1. Adding your team logo to the shorts is a great way to make them unique and represent your style. This can also be done by adding a design to the shorts.
  2. Color: Choose from a range of colors or even create a custom color for your shorts.
  3. Lettering: Add your name, team name, or other text to the shorts for a personal touch.
  4. Trim: Choose a different color or type of trim, such as piping or bias tape, to add a pop of color or style to your shorts.
  5. Fabric: Select a specific type of fabric, such as mesh, spandex, or polyester, to create a custom feel and fit for your MMA shorts.

Wrapping it Up 

In conclusion, custom MMA shorts offer a unique opportunity for athletes to showcase their personal style and personality while participating in MMA training and competition. By considering factors such as material, fit, design, and stitching, you can ensure that your custom MMA shorts and custom wholesale headgear meet your needs and provide the comfort and durability you need to perform at your best. When purchasing custom MMA shorts online at Infinitude Fight, be sure to measure yourself accurately and refer to the brand’s sizing chart to ensure a proper fit. With the ability to customize the logo, color, lettering, trim, and fabric, the possibilities for creating the perfect pair of custom MMA shorts are endless.

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