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How to spot a good quality custom headgear

Good Quality Custom Headgear

Buying custom headgear is not enough to protect a boxer from serious injuries. You must be able to select good quality equipment for maximum safety, comfort, and optimal performance. 

It might seem like an effortless method to choose a great quality headgear. But it can be quite tricky because there is a difference between choosing a headgear and spotting a good quality headgear. 

Read through this blog and educate yourself on how to spot premium quality headgear and always select the best quality. 

Basic Design Of The Custom Headgear

A piece of headgear’s basic structure resembles a layer of insulation wrapped around your head. Your ears, temples, forehead, and the front and back of your skull are all fully protected by the headgear. 

Under the chin, behind the head, and on top of the head are the usual three places where headgear can be adjusted. From that fundamental concept, numerous modifications of the headpiece in boxing have been developed over the course of time.

Select The Type Of Best Boxing Headgear

Just like the boxing gloves, the custom headgear also comes in a variety of options and before buying one for yourself, you must decide which type you are going to opt for. 

Compared to the type of headgear you would wear during your sparring sessions, competition headgear has less thickness. This reduces its weight, mass, and obstruction to your range of vision.

Although several boxing regulating organizations permit headgear with some cheek protection, most demand that competition equipment be of an open face type. Almost every other type of headgear is appropriate for sparring. 

These headsets typically have greater padding, making them heavier than competition-style headgear. They could also include a number of safety measures. 

You should pick a set of headgear for sparring that is appropriate for the style of sparring you engage in. 

Go For The Right Facial Coverage With Custom Headgear

It would be considered an open-face style if the headgear’s essential construction simply protected the top of your head. Most companies then provide extra options for further facial safety.

Cheek guards offer the most basic kind of extra security. Cheek guards project from the side of the best boxing headgear, as their name implies, to protect the boxer’s cheekbones. 

Depending on the size and thickness of the guard, this extra padding can impede your vision while protecting your face from some damage.

The protection provided by cheek guards is enhanced by a face bar since it spans the entire width of the face and shields the nose as well.

The bottom of the face is shielded by the Mouth/Chin bar. The mouth bar is a single piece that wraps around the entire face, covering the mouth and chin, much like the face bar. 

The mouth bar and cheek guards or a face bar are both included in a full-face custom headgear. To completely cover your face, some headgear also includes a face cage or plastic face shield. For boxers, this is usually not needed.

Always keep in mind that you are dealing with several factors that will influence your performance when deciding between these diverse alternatives for face protection. 

Any additional safety equipment you add will weigh more and might narrow your field of vision. The greatest method to prevent harm is to avoid being hit in the first place, even if it’s crucial to protect your face and head from repetitive trauma.

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Don’t Forget The Headgear Fasteners

The custom headgear can be adjusted in three different kinds of places. Usually, a hook and loop closure, a plastic clip with a sliding regulator, or a buckle is used to secure the chin strap. 

Although quick and easy, hook & loop can eventually lose its efficacy (especially if not regularly washed). Although the plastic clip alternative is similarly quite practical, the slide adjuster can eventually become unreliable. 

The most secure option is the belt buckle, but unless you make your own holes in the strap, it offers less fit perfection.

Select The Best Fit For Best Boxing Headgear

The headwear should fit comfortably on your head but must be firm enough to prevent serious head injuries. There shouldn’t be any areas that feel tight or like they’re pinching. 

Before you start working out, you’ll want it to feel quite secure because you don’t want it to flap around your head when you start perspiring and straining. 

Adjust the fasteners on your headgear so that it fits properly before you start your training or enter the boxing ring for a bout.

Whether you want to secure your face or head during a training or sparring session, the custom headgear you purchase should be snug, firm, and secure all at once. Infinitude Fight has got all these aspects covered for you with our quality headpieces that are manufactured to cater to the needs of your competition or practice levels.

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