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How is Muay Thai different from the regular wholesale boxing equipment?

wholesale boxing equipment

The Muay Thai gloves and regular wholesale boxing equipment are similar to each other in some ways but they do have some major differences as well. 

On one side, we have a sport where gloves must be improved for merely punching and blocking punches (regular boxing), and on the other, we have a sport (Muay Thai) where the inclusion of clutching, catching kicks, and defending whacks or elbows requires far better-rounded gloves.

If you are new to the world of boxing, keep reading for better knowledge and clarity as we explore some of the typical contrasts between boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves.

Palm Of The Wholesale Boxing Equipment

The usage of the hand is the main distinction between Thai Boxing and standard boxing gloves. 

Thai boxing requires gripping during contact as well as the ability to catch and hold kicks with the palms, whereas in boxing the palm of the hand is mostly utilized for counterstrikes.

Due to these distinctions, most boxing gloves have more rounded fingers to facilitate making a more natural fist. 

The palms of many boxing gloves often have ventilated fabric to help with the airflow. Although there is a lot of difference in these gloves, with some being more flexible and others being simpler to open the hand with, they all typically strive to achieve the ideal clenched fist position.

The padding of Muay Thai gloves is typically stretched to create a more open palm. While other Thai gloves choose to maximize hand usage by removing the grip bar, some are constructed with fingers that bend significantly. 

Although there are fewer Thai companies that use breathable mesh across the palm, some wholesale boxing equipment still has that feature.

Thumb Of The Gloves

In boxing wholesale equipment for the regular sport and Muay Thai, the thumb is frequently different. The thumb on boxing gloves is often kept as near to the fist as feasible and, when possible, shielded under knuckle protection. 

In order to avoid getting hit or hurt, you should try to keep your thumb out of the way as much as you can when boxing. 

The thumb is then either entirely attached with leather all the way up between the thumb and hand, or it is fastened partially with a small strip of material at the end of the thumb to keep it in place.

When catching and gripping, having the thumb on a Muay Thai glove somewhat stuffed into the hand can be quite beneficial.


Side Padding In The Boxing Wholesale Equipment

The sides of the hands are often fairly safe from hits in boxing. Regular boxing gloves typically have no padding at all on the side of the hand and minimal padding on the entire palm. 

On standard boxing gloves, the padding over the palm is just thinly applied and flat. When compared to velcro-strapped gloves, lace-up gloves typically have a little extra padding on the palm and down the wrist to make up for the loss of natural protection.

However, Muay Thai wholesale boxing equipment has a slightly different padding density. The palm’s center is typically left unpadded, however, nearly all Muay Thai gloves feature a broad bar of padding running down the side of each hand. 

The bulge of padding on the Muay Thai gloves is considerably more obvious when you look at them closely. Fighters are given additional protection by this thick padding while deflecting punches, elbows, or knees.

The Cuff Of Wholesale Boxing Equipment

Lastly, the way the cuff fits the wrist is a significant distinction between boxing gloves and Muay Thai gloves. Lace-up gloves don’t differ all that much from each other, but Velcro gloves have a notable difference.

Gloves used in boxing frequently have a somewhat lengthy fit and attempt to fit the wrist as securely as possible. The key objective here is to avoid wrist bending when hitting because the wrist doesn’t typically take a lot of impact in boxing. 

This is made possible by the longer wrist, which adds some uplift while enabling deliberate flexing.

However, Muay Thai gloves frequently adopt an almost opposing position. When blocking kicks in Muay Thai, the wrists frequently get knocked. 

In order to acquire a proper lock around the neck during clinching, it also helps to be able to slightly bend the wrists. Due to this, Muay Thai wholesale boxing equipment often has a shorter fit and increases the thickness of the cuff to compensate for the lack of support. 

The cuff of a Muay Thai glove tends to feel much more protective, and you can often get decent support by drawing the strap tight. Although you don’t quite get the same form-fitting feeling, the added functionality makes up for it.

Always do your research before purchasing your next pair of gloves because these are merely the primary distinctions between regular and Muay Thai gloves made by all manufacturers, with practically every brand having a slightly different fit, feel, and shape. 

Infinitude Fight is an excellent place to start if you’re not sure where to look for premium quality wholesale boxing equipment.

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