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The quickest guide to all types of custom headgear

types of custom headgear

The boxing equipment typically comes in a variety of forms and designs and custom headgear is no different. Based on the type and level of protection and field of vision, there are several types of headgear. 

Every piece of safety gear comes with its special features specific to the level of boxing. And each one has a bunch of pros and cons. If you are confused and stressed about buying your first-ever headgear, you have come to the right place.

We have lined up different kinds of headgear below with their benefits and shortcomings so you can select the right one for yourself without wasting money on the wrong gear. Let’s get to it!

Benefits Of Wearing A Custom Headgear

Before we jump into the different kinds of headgear, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of wearing this protective gear.

Best boxing headgear offers enhanced protection from all types of scrapes and abrasions, which is one of its main advantages. 

In addition to utilizing boxing gloves and other methods to protect yourself against such bruises, this is the smartest thing you can do for your protection. 

Additionally, it is advised to wear equipment that shields your nose in some way because punches directly hit this particular body part.

When you’re facing off against a fighter known for using headbutts in their fights, boxing headgear can be very helpful. 

These headbutts are excruciatingly painful and can result in wounds from which you may find it difficult to heal, specifically if your opponent is an expert in their skills. So in this instance, the custom headgear protects you from serious injuries.

Wearing boxing headgear during fights has numerous psychological advantages as well. It gives rookies a feeling of comfort while they are just beginning their boxing careers by providing maximum safety. 

A person may become more active and test out their fighting techniques more freely if they are wearing headgear, which also removes their fear of being hit while battling and gives them the confidence to do so. 

For novices to progress and improve, they need to feel secure which is the main benefit of wearing the best boxing headgear.

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Types Of The Best Boxing Headgear

Now that you’re all caught up with the importance of boxing headgear, let’s dive right into its types.

Full-Face Headgear

A full-face headgear is intended to shield the boxer or fighter’s face from scrapes, sprains, and scratches. This design has good padding across the chin, cheeks, ears, forehead, and temples. 

All levels of boxers, including Thai boxers and MMA sparring competitors, as well as boxers who want to reduce bruising, scrapes, and cuts during sparring, tend to wear this sort of headgear.

It is not advised for those who are sensitive to nose fractures and professionals who need light headgear.

Cheek-Protective Headgear

A cheek protector headgear has a lower profile and is incredibly lightweight. It is intended to protect the cheeks, forehead, and ears. 

It is often advised for professional boxers and fighters, from teenagers to adults, who desire to have practically weightless headgear during sparring while reducing bruises and wounds.

This type of custom headgear is not advised for individuals who want extra padding all around the head or who mainly want to protect their noses.

Nose/Jaw Protective Headgear

The purpose of nose bar headgear is to always maintain a barrier between your nose and your competitor’s hands. Any incoming punches that manage to slip past the protection and reach the nose are prevented by the steel frame of a nose headgear.  

When purchasing this custom headgear, a boxer should only take into account the level of vision available. The best kind of nose bar headgear should strike a balance between comfort, vision, and security. 

Professional boxers, teenagers to adults, and boxers who want to prevent injury to their noses during sparring are advised to wear this sort of headgear.

It is not advised for individuals who require the best vision and those who want to primarily protect their chin to wear nose bar headgear.

Open-Face Headgear

In amateur combat sports tournaments like boxing, kickboxing, and muay Thai, open-face headgear is the most utilized. The cheeks, ears, and brow region are all generally protected by an open-face head guard.

Of all the headgear without padding sitting in front of the face, it offers the least protection to the boxers compared to the other models, but it also offers the clearest visibility.

This is the best boxing headgear for you if you’re training for your next amateur boxing match or want minimal headgear that provides padding in specific spots.

For amateur fighters and those seeking headgear with little visual impairment, it is highly recommended. 

It is not recommended for people seeking more comprehensive protection for their head and face, as well as for professional fighters who require specialized equipment.

Whether you are an adult or a teenager, amateur or expert, Infinitude Fight has got every type of custom headgear that caters to the needs of all. So what are you waiting for? Hit our online store today for the best deals.

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