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Contact Us For Custom Wholesale Inquiry / Orders

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Bulk buy now without compromising the quality & transform your Judo journey. Fret not if you are looking for exceptional Judo gear for wholesale business. We’re the one-stop solution. Our wholesale Judo GI exceeds this basic criterion. The entire team puts a lot of effort & attention to detail and craft gear with performance in mind. Quality and durability are our #1 priority.

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We prioritize your comfort and GIs longevity, being the best Judo uniform manufacturers. Our GIs are designed to let you confidently face challenging training and competition situations.

Reach out to us today and negotiate your requirements with our team. They’ll provide you with free samples & after experiencing the ultimate craftsmanship; place your order! Hassle-free shipping experience is guaranteed.

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We pay attention to detail by ensuring breathable fabric selection like cotton for Judo GIs. The best part, you can customize 100% of your gear elements from design to color selection to exactly fit the criteria of your requirements.

Avail yourself of the highest quality Judo GIs in 20-30 days maximum. You can also negotiate the timeframe with our specialists during the entire processing as per your order requirements.

You can fill out the form mentioned here. Moreover, you can contact us by sending your queries to [email protected].

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