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Contact Us For Custom Wholesale Inquiry / Orders

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For all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enthusiasts and academies, we’re thrilled to present our range of top-tier BJJ gear. As premium manufacturers, we’ve dedicated years to perfecting the quality and design of our gis, rash guards, and other essentials.

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One of the key advantages of selecting our Wholesale BJJ Gis is the customization option. Yeah, we provide customized gear! Every team or gym has a unique identity & so is our gear. 

From custom logos to color schemes, we offer a range of customization possibilities, ensuring that your team stands out from the competition. It boosts the team’s morale as well! 

                                                            Lightweight and Comfortable BJJ GI


As a premier BJJ Gi manufacturer, Infinitude Fight focuses on unparalleled ease and comfort. Our team of product specialists curates breathable materials that harmonize with the body’s needs. Specifically for BJJ enthusiasts, we proudly present the pure cotton pearl weave fabric, thoughtfully pre-shrunk to thwart any shrinkage.

Moreover, you’ll get comfortable and lightweight construction for your BJJ Gi. Keeping the Gi classy & comfy, we prefer a loose-fitting design for maximum mobility. Still, there’s ample room for personalization. And it’s available in various sizes and colors to fit all body types.


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By picking our Wholesale BJJ Gis, you benefit from bulk pricing, saving money while equipping your team with top-quality gear. Additionally, our personalization options allow you to showcase your team’s unique identity.

Our minimum order quantity for Jiu Jitsu Gi wholesale is just 10 units. This ensures you can take advantage of the bulk pricing and provide your team with the needed gear.

Our website is designed for ease of use. We have a dedicated wholesale section where you can view products, their specifications, and place bulk orders seamlessly.

Absolutely! Once you’ve placed an order, you’ll receive a tracking number. You can use this on our website to monitor the progress of your shipment.

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