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Custom Grappling Shorts

Custom Grappling Shorts

Combat sports are not for the faint hearted. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is definitely mean for those who have a special taste for a fine mix of art and competition. What takes your experience as a fighter up? Super comfortable, high quality, durable and reliable BJJ gear. And we, know just how to do it.

From your BJJ Gi to fight gloves to grappling shorts, Infinitude Fight is the place to shop for it all. Our team works day and night to ensure that the BJJ shorts you get are designed to ensure flexibility in movement, comfortable fit and durability. Our goal is to take the load of concern about the gear’s reliability off your shoulders and give you products you can trust.

Infinitude Fight knows you love the sport, enjoy training for it and would feel absolutely great given the opportunity to take charge of what your gear looks like. Our 3D customizer would be your partner in the process, maximizing your satisfaction by giving you color theme choices, sticker options, scripts to choose from- if that doesn’t excite you, what would? And when you can do all this and purchase with just a few simple clicks, you know you’ve hit a jackpot!

Train well, we can see that rising star in you. Can’t wait to see you moving up the list of BJJ champions.

Build Your Own Design (B.Y.O.D)

Your heavy bag, fit to your style. Follow these simple steps are you are all set for an exceptional experience.

Step 1: Pick the item you need

Step 2: Opt for a style of your choice.

Step 3: Select the color you prefer.

Step 4: Any logos, stickers, names you fancy? Take your pick

Step 5: Place order and wait while we process your items at a super-sonic speed.

Let Us Design It For You!

Please enter a number from 10 to 100.
Max. file size: 20 MB.
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