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The Best Custom BJJS Online

Try out the new Jiu Jitsu and BJJs customizer to get your favourite design and color. We offer a wide range of colors on high quality fabric

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Custom BJJs Inspirations

These boxing groin protectors are available in stock, you can also design your own versions, with your own colors, images and more

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Design your Custom Boxing Gear in 3 Mins

It's super easy to customize your Boxing Gloves and Gear in less than 3 minutes and place Order. Select Boxing Gloves or any gear, Use Customize Builder and Design it. Once you are done, Confirm Order and Checkout. If you have more queries about anything from designing your Gloves / Gear to Shipping, then please visit our FAQ Section or Contact our Live Chat Support.

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Ordered 2 pairs of my boxing gloves. Amazed to see how easy and real it looks when I designed my gloves. Delivered exactly as ordered.

Mark J. / (Wholesale Seller) Manchester, UK

THANKS!!! These are so cool! I loved to design more and complete my boxing gear. You guys are awesome! Thanks for EVERYTHING!!

Johny / (Sports Shop Owner) NYC, USA

Very Excited to know about Infinitude Custom Builder. Tried it to order 1 pair. You guys have just saved my tons of hours for working on designs and giving directions. Already ordered for the club!

Randy / (Boxing Gym Owner) Detroit, USA

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Custom Made Jiu Jitsu Gi Sale at Infinitude

Infinitude was brought into existence to offer professionals with the offer to customize the largest assortment of BJJ Jiu Jitsu Gi. We believe that one must remain safe while taking part in a tough round of professional jiu jitsu and this is why we let you carefully design your own uniform in any way you desire.

We craft a fighting kimono that is unique to you, has the perfect fit, and the ideal embodiment of your warrior style. We have BJJ gi that feature weaves made from 100% cotton, which makes them lightweight without compromising the durability.

We pay attention to every detail you wish to incorporate into the custom BJJs to give it a personified touch. Our customization services allow you to add pictures, logos, color of your choice, embroidery, name initials, graphics and printed options to your BJJ gear. We aim to offer you the best custom Jiu Jitsu that provides you with the ease of movement, flexibility and comfort.

Customize Your Jiu Jitsu Gi by Yourself

Our customization options give you the advantage to customize the Jiu Jitsu gi in any way you desire through sublimation.

This is a process where we take your desired pattern, graphics, or designs and have them printed in the inner section of the BJJ Jackets. We also help to give the upper jacket a personal touch by adding your choice of color (plain) and let you add logo, initials, name, or any text on the upper section of the sleeves (towards the shoulders). If you wish to add quotes to the custom Jiu Jitsu gi, all you have to do is give us the quote and choose your font style.

Why Choose Custom Made Gi?

Nothing you decide to purchase “off the rack” will be equally as good to something that is custom made by experts like us. When professionals come to us for custom made gi, they can have their jiu jitsu gi to look unique with the perfect fit tailored to their body’s measurement. We also help customize the custom Jiu Jitsu pants, which are made from superlight material, making them great for competition and training. We offer custom colors on orders and have unique BJJ fight Kimonos dyed as per your request.

Along with catering to the needs of professionals, we also help clubs, groups, and teams with custom wholesale BJJ gi and bulk Jiu Jitsu Supplies.  Explore our custom builder and have the best personalized gi at affordable prices today!