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Custom Bjj Gis

Design Your Own Custom Bjj Gi

Are you passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, world famous combat sport? A sport that travelled all the way from Japan to Brazil in gained popularity amongst its fans. The traditional BJJ Gi is much more than just a uniform for its wearers It is a symbol; of love for the art, of association with the heritage which is now passion for modern youth, and with the valor that is so characteristic of the sport. Well, goes beyond that too.

Your Gi is your strategic tool too, both in training and in a match. Which is why, at Infinitude Fight, we take special care in choosing the materials for your Gi which are tough, durable & comfortable. We know the art of making this otherwise plain kimono, your partner in the game, a tool to lead you to victory. To make it into a piece of art, the 3D customizer does wonders; gives you the flexibility to design your very own Gi, to your very own taste and liking; no strings attached.

Make you Gi extra cool. Do take a peek through the BJJ belts. Yep, we sure can tailor these to your liking too.

Legends make a mark with their skill in the ring; now carry your style to the fight and to the drill too. Kick, punch, grapple; take them down. Yes! the ground is your ocean.

Build Your Own Design (B.Y.O.D)

Your heavy bag, fit to your style. Follow these simple steps are you are all set for an exceptional experience.

Step 1: Pick the item you need

Step 2: Opt for a style of your choice.

Step 3: Select the color you prefer.

Step 4: Any logos, stickers, names you fancy? Take your pick

Step 5: Place order and wait while we process your items at a super-sonic speed.

Need Help Designing?

Let our design team help, give us an idea of what you are looking for and our creative professionals bring it to life.

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Let Us Design It For You!

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