Purple Boxing Gloves

If you are looking for Purple Boxing Gloves, you are in luck. At Infinitude Fight, you will not only find ready to shop gloves, but you also have the option to get custom boxing gloves designed according to your unique preferences.

Features of the Purple Boxing Gloves

The material used to make these gloves is durable vinyl coated material. This gives the gloves a lot of pressure tolerance and prevents damages. It has a Velcro wrist closure to keep the write of the person wearing it safe from intense pressure that can harm the bones. At the same time, it makes the impact good enough to cause some discomfort in the opponent without causing very severe damages.

The glove comprises of no sweat mesh material, which keeps the fighter’s hands dry‌ inside. When there is moisture accumulation inside the glove, it increases the risk of severe injuries to the hand. The glove tends to slip away at the time of impact and can harm the bones of the fighter wearing the Purple Boxing Gloves.

In the gloves for women, the antimicrobial fabric in these gloves designed for MMA prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and irritation. Therefore, for added comfort, using this in the design adds more value to the gloves. Gloves with the full wrist straps have better support and great fit.

When you opt for getting custom boxing gloves at Infinitude Fight, you can customize the grip and amount of padding you want in it. Moreover, you can also request other materials to line the gloves on the inside if you have any special requirements.

The text or print on the Purple Boxing Gloves is different. We always stock something different and unique for all our customers. Moreover, if you want to avail of our custom boxing gloves design services, you can tell us what to print on your glove and we will do exactly that.

Variety in Colors

We also have a variety of purple colors, so you can go through our inventory and select what you need. Moreover, you can order other colors as well, which include:

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