White Boxing Gloves

At Infinitude Fight, the White Boxing Gloves are quite popular and quickly get out of stock. One popular question most people ask is why white gloves. The quick answer to this is – they look amazing and feel comfortable. Another factor is that they are always in stock, so whenever you are looking for ready to shop gloves, you will find them in our inventory. In addition to white, we also have other colors always available on both ready to shop gloves and if you want to customize them.

What Size and Weight to Choose

When you opt for ready to shop gloves, we recommend knowing your measurements and body weight. Based on that you can design what the ideal weight of the gloves should be. Every fighter has a unique body mass ratio, and every individual has a unique way of sparring.

However, for men and women, there are standard sizes to keep in mind. For example, for men weighing less than 50kg, you can use White Boxing Gloves weighing 8-10oz. For men above 51kg-64kg, we recommend the 16oz White Glove. If you are above 80kg, then you may want to try the 18oz White gloves. Another factor is the type of training you would need to do. Therefore, we have a range of sizes for bag work and sparring. For women who are under forty-five kilograms, 6oz gloves are great. For women weighing above 45-50kg, the 8oz glove is an idea for bag work and the 16 oz. for sparring. Women above 50Kg can use the 16oz. boxing gloves.

Nonetheless, in any case, we always encourage you to get custom boxing gloves if these standard glove sizes do not seem to work for you.

Why Custom Boxing Gloves

If you are still not sure about how custom white boxing gloves can help, here is why.

We use materials that guarantee protection for your wrist and knuckles. When you go for readymade gloves, the padding may not be good enough for you. Every individual is different and so we understand that standard gloves may not always offer you the comfort and safety you want. Not using the right gloves can damage your knuckles and cause trauma to the hand muscles. Therefore, most amateur and professional fighters or even those who take up boxing as a sport customize the gloves to make sure their hands stay safe. We design them to ensure maximum protection for both you and your opponent.

High-Quality White Gloves

We use high-quality materials and printing ink so that your gloves last long and do not lose their charm. Apart from the white gloves, we have the following other colors too.

We Guarantee that the Colors do not Fade

We use materials like a mesh of linen fabric and special technology that keeps your hands dry. This way, you can go on sparring or bag boxing for much longer without getting wet and hot hands. The technology removes the hot air building up inside and releases moisture on the outside. It then sucks in dry and fresh air to keep your hand temperature regulated and keep your hands dry.