You might be thinking pink boxing gloves are for girls only. However, you never know how well men can pull off pink color. Infinitude Fright offers you the option to buy other than pink if you prefer other colors too. We have a wide range of custom boxing gloves, which include:

Boxing is an old sport now, and it has gained some popularity amongst women as well. Pink boxing gloves define how powerful women can be. Being a part of such a sport not only makes them strong but it changes the whole idea of sensitive women. We design these gloves exclusively for women because their wrist is different from men. We can still customize them further according to the size and shape of your body. With the perfect size and shape, they will offer you the perfect comfort in the ring.

Pink gloves are a style statement for women in fighting matches. It is very important to opt for the right kind of gloves for you so that it can provide you will proper protection and make you feel comfortable while you are wearing them.

Features of Pink Boxing Gloves

Thumb loop

The thumb loop is one of the most important features that make a good glove different from a bad glove. The design of pink boxing gloves is in a way that the thumb loop fits in the right position. To avoid all kinds of injuries during a match or even training the perfect position of the thumb loop is very important. So make sure you make the right choice for yourself.


Padding is another important feature that a ready to shop gloves should have. The padding of the pink gloves is double so that girls can have a safe and secure fight. The padding also helps to keep the hands dry. The material that is used is sweat-resistant.

Color and material

The color pink can be very vibrant, which can be soothing for the eyes of the opponent as well as yourself. It can provide you great comfort and the perfect look. Pink boxing gloves are made of synthetic materials, which makes it very easy to wash and dry. The color pink never gets fade even if you wash it often. Pink gloves are always shiny and clean.

Custom boxing gloves are easily available on our website. It has the option of the loop as well as a hook system that can fit the gloves into the hands easily. The inner of the gloves have an ever-cool mesh that keeps it moist. The pink boxing gloves are ideal for thin fingers and hands of the women. The quality is high and our stock ensures that we meet the demand for these gloves.

Check all our boxing gloves before you make any purchase elsewhere. Keep a budget for the custom boxing gloves that are easily available now. The weight of the women boxing gloves is usually 8oz to 12oz because those are easy to carry and use.

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