Black boxing gloves are the best sellers. We all love black and when it comes to black boxing gloves, this color looks elegant and corporate at the same time. It is a belief that the person who wears black gloves is stronger.

Infinitude Fight offers the best variety of black boxing gloves. Most people chose black color and so the stock here never ends. Custom boxing gloves are the best option because it will have your choice of logo or design on it. It will tell people about your personality during a boxing match. Because they are so famous, you might be thinking about what exactly we use to make the boxing gloves. It is natural to want to know what we put inside the gloves.

Well, the answer is boxing gloves are made of leather because leather is the best material used in the construction of the ready to shop gloves. Due to the breathable nature of leather boxing gloves, they are very popular. The gloves have the best durability and they retain less moisture inside. This makes it more comfortable and a little more expensive than synthetic ready to shop gloves. Black gloves consist of latex foam, which gives it the perfect stiffness and amazing grip.

Size and weight

The size and weight of custom boxing gloves are very important, and this applies to ready to shop gloves as well. Gloves used by adults are more in weight that means it has more padding. The weight of the adult boxing gloves is 8oz to 20oz whereas gloves used by children have a total weight of 4oz to 6oz. The heavier gloves provide more protection as compared to lighter gloves with less padding. The weight of all the gloves depends on its size. The heavier the gloves are the bigger the size is and vice versa.

Here are a few tips to clean the black boxing gloves:

  1. Wipe it with a clean towel from inside out
  2. Spray the gloves with vinegar and water solution
  3. Let it air dry
  4. Open it wide to get it dry properly
  5. Do not leave the black gloves in sunlight because the color might fade.
  6. Do not wash your gloves in the washing machine

Color Diversity

In our inventory, you will find a variety of colors, like Red boxing gloves, Gold boxing gloves, and others. Feel free to explore. They all come in different shades of the original color with loop and hook wrist straps for easy adjustment of the gloves. It keeps it comfortable and easy to use during a stressful fighting match. You can totally trust our quality.

Affordable Custom Boxing Gloves

Our black boxing gloves are not very expensive. We design your custom boxing gloves according to your requirements. Whether you need a shiny logo or your name imprinted on your boxing gloves you will get it exactly how you want it at affordable rates. The material we in the ready to shop gloves is high-quality leather. This keeps it dry and prevents it from slipping during a boxing match.

Order your custom gloves today.